The first case of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the State of Nevada was reported On March 5th, 2020. Global statistics and health organizations all project that this virus would be with us for a long time. Due to its health effects and the death toll in various regions and nations worldwide, everyone is afraid. Most people have panicked, and this ends up hurting their mental health. They are worried about their life and their daily needs with predictions of shutdowns. Both big and small businesses are shutting down, leaving large numbers of people jobless.

In such difficult times, I believe the first thing we need to do is stay optimistic. Despite the virus’ deadly effects, there are now medications that have proven to work on treating the coronavirus.  

My team and I are very aware of the dangers associated with the virus. As a result, we have vowed to take our part and stay safe. We will always keep in touch with the people in the safest and most effective means possible.  

I believe that by working together, we have better chances of defeating the virus. If you and I do our part, we can keep everyone safe.  

This is why I’m urging you to take all the necessary precautions:

  • Don’t be in places you are not supposed to be (Avoid crowded places as much as possible).
  • Keep social distance.  
  • Don’t spread misinformation that can cause fear and panic.