For a period of 10 years (2000-2010) as a professional boxer, I dedicated my life to fighting for myself. Everything I did was focused on winning the boxing matches ahead. I fought and won. Since then, I have now dedicated my time and resources to fighting for the people of Nevada. Yes, I am fighting for you. It is my number one priority to respond to the community outcry at any time. I fight for you, regardless of sex, religion, race, and status.  

Nevada is a great State, and when I opened Joey Gilbert law, I knew there would be challenges ensuring every resident have a good experience here. I knew very well that some changes need to be made both in policy and in leadership. The law firm offers timely legal counsel and proper representation of individual clients. We always have the interest of the whole State of Nevada at heart. My team (I refer to them as my corner) and I have always led the way in terms of ensuring your victory.  

This past year has been challenging for everyone across the State and the whole wide world because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have all felt the pressure in different ways, either struggled financially, mentally, and physically. It is only right that everything our leaders do should be focused on easing this burden.  

Nevada is a state with great diversity, a place where everyone can thrive. We should fight together to keep it that way.

I have always wanted to be in the frontline fighting for the people. Not only in the courtrooms but also right in the communities. I like to hear your issues firsthand and respond to them in the best way I can. Find a solution for the community together with you. I have never been afraid to stand for what is right, and I can promise you I will never be. I fight for you the best way I know how to. However, with the current status with the pandemic, I might not be able to do all that. There are also a couple of other challenges that hinder this from happening. But one thing is for sure. I cannot do this without your support.

I request you to join me and fight any action that makes lives much harder than they already are. Make our communities more habitable. To stand up and fight for our rights. Fight for our businesses, both big and small. They need to be operational because everyone depends on them to meet their daily needs. I will be on the frontline fighting any regulation or direction that is unconstitutional or not in the best interest of the community.

To make this happen and ensure I keep you updated on my current activities and moves to keep you safe. I will be updating you regularly via and I will keep everything in the open for you to know what is happening, your rights, and your course of action.