Protecting Businesses In Nevada

Tips to Local Business Owners & Guidelines to Follow If OSHA, City, or County Officials Come to Your Business.

1. Immediately start recording them with your cell phone. If you missed the beginning of what they said, ask them to start over. Do not communicate with them until they do.

2. Make them show you their ID Badge and provide you with their information, like a business card. Ask them to tell you exactly why they are there. Ask them specifically if it was an employee, a customer or anonymous person that reported them.

3. Ask them what specific law(s) were violated and how. Ask them for their Name, Title, Department, Tenure, Training, & Experience.

4. DO NOT give them permission to enter without a warrant or appointment. Ask any city or county officials to please schedule an appointment to inspect this property so there is not a disruption in business services. Make sure to have representation present during that future appointment. Do not be afraid to ask them to leave (NAC 618:6452)

5. If you get a citation and/or penalty, CONTEST THE FINE, IN WRITING, IMMEDIATELY.

6. Before deciding whether to file a Notice of Contest, you may request an informal conference with the OSHA District Manager to discuss the citation and/or penalty.

7. At the informal hearing ask ONLY: Who sent them to your business, SPECIFICALLY? What SPECIFICALLY did they cite you for? What specific regulations or directives are they using as grounds for citing you?

8. Say nothing else and politely request a hearing with the Review Board. DO NOT mention that you will have a lawyer present, because you may or may not.

9. Reach out to Joey Gilbert by going to to upload your citation/fine, after contesting, under 'Business Citation Portal' and email

Joey Gilbert Law has set up a Legal Fund to help cover fines towards businesses and cover legal expenses