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Clark County Wetlands Park

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Clark County Wetlands Park is a 2,900-acre nature and wildlife habitat in Whitney, Nevada. Clark County Wetlands Park boasts 2million residents and 40 million visitors every year. Clark County Wetlands Park is a major recreational, educational, and research resource for Nevada residents. It is also a perfect getaway from the city. The park has miles of paved trails, trees, streams, and ponds.

Clark County Wetlands Park is the largest park in Clark County spanning 2,900 acres along the Las Vegas Wash. Clark County Wetlands Park has two sections, one is a 210-acre wetlands nature preserve with over 3 miles of flat paved trails passing through desert vegetation, cotton wood grove, boardwalks and scenic mountain views. This section is also anchored by a 45,000 square foot nature center with lots of exhibits and programs. The other section includes a 14-mile wetlands loop trail spanning along the Las Vegas was emptying into Lake Las Vegas. Most of the trails/paths on this section are paved, 11.5 miles out of 14 miles, which makes it the most preferable spot forphysical exercise like a run or walk.


Where Is Clark County Wetlands Park Las Vegas Located?    

Clark County Wetlands Park is located on the east side of theLas Vegas valley in Whitney, Nevada.


Is Clark County Wetlands Park Open?    

Yes, Clark County Wetlands Park is open every day from dawnto dusk. All trails and trail heads are open same time. The nature store is temporary closed and will re-open this Saturday April 17, 2020 Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 2pm. The Auditorium is open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 2pm. However, the Exhibit gallery, picnic cafe is closed until further notice due to coronavirus.


When Was Clark County Wetlands Park Opened?

The inception of Clark County Wetlands Park was done in 1991when Bond issue passed for development of the park. The park’s plan was to construct a system of trails, a visitor center, interpretive exhibits, and picnic areas, as well as 15 erosion control structures. By 1999, the project was completed.

When Was Clark County Wetlands Park First Opened?    

In 1999, Clark County Wetlands Park was first opened to the public. In 1999, the park did the first ever guided school field trip with Mabel Hoggard Elementary school students. In 2001, nature trails opened. Bostick interpretive area was opened in 2006, the sunrise trail head was openedin 2007, neighborhood park play area was installed in 2008, and the mitigation wetlands were completed in 2009. From 2012-2015 improvements were made to the park and more trailheads were completed.


Is Clark County Wetlands Park Las Vegas NV Free?    

Yes, Clark County Wetlands Park is free to visit. The wetlands park has a 210-acre nature preserve with activities for all ages suchas walking and biking trails.


Clark County Wetlands Park Fishing    

Fishing in Clark County Wetlands Park is not allowed. As well, fishing along the Las Vegas Wash is not allowed. Swimming or boating is also prohibited.


Has Wetlands Park in Clark County Caused Conflict?    

The only conflict that Wetlands Park in Clark County had was with Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project proposals. The proposed plan would crossthe area proposed for Clark County Wetlands Park in the early 1980s (Bureau of Land Management & Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1981).


Clark County Wetlands Spring Program

Wetlands Park 2021 spring programs will begin in April 2021. The park offers in-person guided walks and virtual programs for kids during this time. The park offers 1 hour educational and recreational programs. The programs main aim is connecting people with nature. To attain this goal, the park has installed amazing resources that benefit not only the visitors but also the wildlife. Note that the programs are charged, and this fee goes to supporting the continued park development.


How Far Is Clark County Wetlands Park Las Vegas From The Vegas Strip?

Clark County Wetlands Park Las Vegas is 23 minutes away from The Vegas Strip via E Tropicana Ave.


Wetlands Park Las Vegas Address

Wetlands Park Las Vegas Address is 7050 Wetlands Park Ln, LasVegas, NV 89122, United States. Their contact is +1 702-455-7522.


Wetlands Las Vegas Parking

Wetlands Las Vegas Parking is free. Wetlands Las Vegas has alarge parking so you don’t have to worry about where to park when visiting this beauty.


Wetlands Nature Preserve Las Vegas    

Wetlands Nature Preserve Las Vegas is located at the heart ofthe Clark County Wetlands Park. The nature preserve is 210 acres in size andhas three distinct habitats and 3+ miles of paved and unpaved trails. The nature preserve was developed to help protect wildlife and at the same time offer the people around a natural get away from the city.

Dogs are not allowed into wetlands nature preserve. Also,dirt bikes are not allowed along this area. Consider visiting this area to enjoy nature’s beauty or for a walk or run. Picnicking is not allowed here.


Clark County Wetlands Park Map

Clark County Wetlands Park map with all trails, trailheads, and amenities can be accessed here


Clark County Wetlands Park is your spot when you want to escape into nature. The park has a myriad option to be one with nature. You can take walks, hike, ang jog along paved trails. Amenities in the Wetlands Park Nature Center include the auditorium where the park's movie plays nonstop, the exhibit hall with interactive displays, and the Café. The most scenic areas that you don’t want to miss during your visit at the par are the big bridge, bird blind, boardwalk, the Vem's pond island, boardwalk & turtle pond, and the cottonwood grove. The people of Whitney, Nevada as Joey Gilbert would sayare very lucky. They have a perfect spot to get away from all the madness out there, clear their minds and get to enjoy what nature has to offer.




Bureau of Land Management, & Federal Energy RegulatoryCommission. (1981). Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project: Final Environmental Impact Statement. Rocky Mountain PipelineCompany.

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