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Great Basin National Park 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Great Basin National Park is a national park inthe United States and is considered a land of surprising diversity. Great Basin National Park offers some of the most diverse attractions including the Wheeler Peak, limestone caves, and sage-covered foot hills. The most popular of thesights, Wheeler Peak is 13,063 foot long, and Nevada's second tallest peak. Itis diverse in landform and living things such as the unique sagebrush, ancientbristlecone pines, aspen, pear cactus, fragile alpine wildflowers, jack rabbits, snakes, Clark's nut crackers, mountains lions, unique rock formations, playas,caves, springs, creeks, and lone glacier just to name a few.

If you love the outdoors, Great Basin National Park is your paradise you will not regret your time here. Great Basin National Park was previously known as Humboldt National Forest before it was renamed into its current name in 1986. The Great Basin National Park covers an area of 121 square miles equivalent to 313 square kilometers.

Great Basin National Park Nevada.


Great Basin National Park Nevada is a recreationalist’s paradise in the state of Nevada. The Great Basin National Park has elevations from 5,000 to 13,000 feet with terrains showered withflowing watercourses, lakes, lone glacier, and bristlecone pine trees. The Basin carries a rich history. It has been home to American Indians, farmers, ranchers, Mormons, and sheep herders. Thus, the stories of people and places abound in this area as each leaves a landmark. You can learn all about the different people who lived in this area by paying Great Basin National Park Nevada a visit.

Where is Great Basin National Park?

Great Basin National Park, is a picturesque region in Ely, White Pine County, Nevada. The national park is home to the oldest nonclonal organisms ever discovered. It is home to over 800 plant species, and 11 conifer trees species. It is also home to 4,000 plus years old bristlecone pine trees. You can get a glimpse of the Fremont Indians history, Absalom Lehman trace in the Lehman caves on the foot of the 13,000+ foot peak, andmining camps on the South Snake Range. The sights here are an invaluable link to the past and its conservancy is well earned. Great Basin National Park is also part of the Night Skies Program within the National Parks System, quite an achievement because only few national parks make the list.

Where is Great Basin National Park located?

Great Basin National Park is located in Ely, White Pine County in east-central Nevada. Great Basin National Park is located west of Baker about 40 miles Southeast of the city of Ely near Utah border. The Great Basin National Park is located 4 hours 26 minutes or 295.7 miles from Las Vegas if accessed via US-93 N.

Is Great Basin National Park open?




The Great Basin National Park is not open now, there has been a temporary suspension of services due to Covid-19. Lehman caves tours has been temporarily halted due to Covid-19. To get more information about the Lehman cave tours, you can visit the park personally and hear from the park staff who are always available for questions, maps, and book store sales. Wheeler Peak is also closed and might remain closed through summer of 2021.

The Wheeler Peak scenic drive has been closed due to bad weather after the Upper Lehman Creek Campground but Wheeler Peak Campground will remain closed for a longer period as they make improvements to the campsite's water systems and in an attempt to restore the historic landscape. Normally, the great basin national park is open all year round to wonderful views, hiking, camping, fishing, and star gazing.


How to Get to Great Basin National Park?

From Ely, Airport 1470 N Mcgill Hwy, Ely, Nevada 89301 to Great Basin National Park is just 70.4 miles or a 1 hour 12-minute drive via US-93 S/Great Basin Blvd and US-50 E/US-6 E. From Ely, Airport head east toward US-93 N, turn right onto US-93 S after 4.0 miles, take another left onto US-50 E/Great Basin Blvd, follow US-50 E for another 56.7 miles and then turn right onto NV-487 after 4.9 miles turn right onto NV-488 W and you have arrived to Great Basin National Park.

If you are traveling from South of Nevada, travel North on U.S Highway 93, and upon reaching the U.S 6 & 50 junction, turn east to the Nevada State highway 488. The park is just 5 miles down the Highway 488.

If you are coming from Las Vegas you can access The Great Basin National Park via US-93 N or the via I-15 N and UT-21 W. It isa 4 hours 26-minute drive via the via US-93 N and a 4 hours 42-minute drive viaI-15 N and UT-21 W. It is closer when coming from Utah, it is 4 hours 6 minutes or 251.8 miles away if accessed via US-50 W/US-6 W.

While visiting the Great Basin National Park, you might consider using your own private car because there is no public transport to the park.

Where to Stay Near Great Basin National Park?

There are lots of elegant hotels you can stay while visiting The Great Basin National Park. The hotels which are within 30 minutes to 1 hour drive include:

1.      Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall

2.     La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ely

3.     Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Bristlecone Motel

4.    Hidden Canyon Retreat

5.     Hotel Nevada & Gambling

6.     Rustic Inn Motel

7.     Magnuson Hotel Ely

8.     Ramada by Wyndham Ely

9.     Motel 6-Ely

10.  Stargazer Inn Nevada


What Is the Short Form of The Great Basin National Park, Great Basin Natl Park Short Form or Great Basin Np?

Both Great basin natl park short form and Great basin np can be used as short forms of the great national park. For instance, when you are writing about the park and don’t want to keep repeating the whole name either in a letter a post or research, you might opt to use Great basin natl park short form or Great basin np. However, for the sake of accessing full information about the Great basin park you might want to use the full names, Great Basin National Park.

Great Basin National Park Camping

Although the most scenic parts of the Great Basin National Park are closed due to Covid19, you can still go camping near the park. Different seasons user in different amazing scenery. In the summer,temperatures are a bit favorable and if you love hiking you can explore all there is to explore, you can also see the yellow-bellied marmots sunbathing on the rocks. During summer, the Milky Way visibility is much better so your star gazing will be one to remember on a summer. During fall, you get to enjoy the unique aspen groves in its varying colors of red, yellow, and gold. The pine nuts are also ready for picking during fall. During winter skiers are in for a treat. It is also a perfect time to witness the seasonal migration of deer's and mules. However, this is the most difficult time for hiking as most trails are covered with snow. Then, you will need a guide book. During the Spring, winter is gone and as temperatures rise again, various critters awaken and the sightings of the vegetation and trees becomes even more beautiful with its different shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange. The streams down the mountain are more vigorous as the snow melts. Here is a list of the campgrounds outside the Great Basin National Park you can visit right now:

·       Humbolt-Toiyabe National Forest- Address: Ely Ranger District, Contact: (775) 289-3031.

·       Bureauof Land Management- Address: Ely Ranger District, Contact: (775) 289-1800

·       CaveLake State Park – Contact: (775) 728-4460


You can also go for Dispersed Camping, a high desert wide open Great basin on BLM land. While camping here you will encounter cayotes, pygmy rabbits, pronghorn, you can enjoy star gazing from here as well.The land is open and you need to pay no fee or to have no paperwork to camp here. Just come prepared with everything you need.


Great Basin National Park Weather?

Great Basin National Park weather conditions vary depending on the elevation, but the general temperatures range from -5oC during winter to 20oC in Summer. When going up the Wheeler Peak,that's when you will experience the weather changes. Whereas the park may behot during summer, the higher elevations may still be cold with the snow still intact and falling at any time of the year. The national park is in the desert and thus tends to have low humidity and experiences sharp drops in temperatures at night. So, it can be very hot during the day and extremely cold at night.

Great Basin National Park Map

You can access Great Basin National Park map on Google. It will guide with trails and all the amazing areas you can visit at the Great Basin National Park. The Great Basin National Park is a vast land as seen from the map.


Visiting the national park will expose you to some of the most amazing wonders you have ever seen. You will get a chance to explore the magnificent Lehman limestone caves decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, popcorn, and shield formations all at the foot of the magnificent Wheeler Peak. You can also stargaze within the park. You can hike up the mountain or follow the beautiful trails with a great sight of the ancient variety tree species and animals. The park also offers camping grounds to visitors. Joey Gilbert loves Ely and when mentioning the great outdoors, he can never forget Great Basin National Park, Ely, Nevada.




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