Joey Gilbert
Reno, NV

Joey Gilbert Addresses the Issue of George Floyd and Police Brutality

Sunday, May 31, 2020

What was done to George Floyd was absolute cruelty and murder.

The black community is long overdue to be treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else. I do think sometimes police go a little far, I think sometimes they take their authority too far, I really do.

And I want to put it out there that you have a right to protest, you have a right to demonstrate, you have a right to be mad, a right to scream in the cop’s face, and anything you need to do, but you do not have a right to touch people and to be violent, you do not have a right to burn buildings and destroy things. Everyone is out there and they are peacefully demonstrating. Don’t ruin what they stand for, don’t ruin the memory of George Floyd by going and burning buildings and looting. I saw with my own eyes white men destroying stuff here. So, don’t let this movement get high jacked by people that are just here to cause pain and division. If there’s people coming in to do damage, don’t watch them, don’t cheer them, don’t videotape them. After your protest, after your demonstration, go home to your wife, to your family, to what matters most, and um don’t break things, don’t destroy us. And since people are going out so much without observing social distancing, let the most effective Covid19 medicine be made available to the nursing homes, and to the senior citizens.

Joey Gilbert
For a period of 10 years (2000-2010) as a professional boxer, I dedicated my life to fighting for myself. Everything I did was focused on winning the boxing matches ahead. I fought and won. Since then, I have now dedicated my time and resources to fighting for the people of Nevada. Yes, I am fighting for you. It is my number one priority to respond to the community outcry at any time. I fight for you, regardless of sex, religion, race, and status.
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