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Lion Habitat Ranch, NV

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Lion Habitat Ranch was started in 1989 as a nonprofit sanctuary dedicated to take care of lions, educate people about animals in the conservation, and illustrating the importance of animal conservation. Today, Lion Habitat Ranch, NV offers a home to not only lions, wild birds. Locals andvisitors from outside Nevada can come here and have an outdoor experience like none other. You get a treat of feasting with the beasts or a chance to feed the incredible Ozzie the painting Giraffe. Also, Lion Habitat Ranch allows people especially kids to hold their birthday parties here during open hours.

Currently, Lion Habitat Ranch has about 40 lions. This is a high number given that lions are listed as vulnerable on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species available only in Africa and a small population in India. Also, according to the law in Nevada, Lion Habitat Ranch are not allowed to host more than 40 lions. In the past, lions were in plenty in Africa, Europe, and Asia something that have changed over the years as the population of lions continue to lessen. Lion Habitat Ranch Nevada found a way to give the Americans a very rare view of the wild cats here in Nevada.


What Is the Lion Habitat Ranch inHenderson Nevada?


The Lion Habitat Ranch is a federal 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in Henderson, NV. Lion Habitat Ranch main role is educating guests about the animals in the ranch and how they can take part in the conservation. The ranch adopts and takes care of the lions and the wild birds as if they were in their natural habitat, and what is amazing is that they let the visitors experience this amazing time by closely interacting with the animals.


Where Is Lion Habitat Ranch Located?    

The Lion Habitat Ranch and home to about 40 lions and cubs is located in Henderson, Nevada. The Lion Habitat Ranch Las Vegas Occupies 8+ acres of land on the outskirts of downtown Las Vegas. The ranch is located 23 minutes from Downtown Las Vegas via I-15 S.


Directions to Lion Habitat Ranch Las Vegas

Directions to Lion Habitat from downtown Las Vegas - Head northeast onLas Vegas Blvd N toward E Ogden Ave, turn left at the 1st cross street onto E Ogden Ave, and right onto N 4th St. Here you will merge onto I-515 N/US-95 N via the ramp to I-15 N. Keep left on I-15 and take exit 34 to merge onto I-215 E, keep left and take exit 7 for Eastern Avenue, keep right at the fork, and follow signs for Eastern Ave South and merge onto S Eastern Ave.

After you pass by Wendy's on the right, turn right onto NV-146 W/St Rose Pkwy, then turn left onto Bermuda Rd, and another right onto Bruner Ave. On the Bermuda corner on your left there is a white gate. This is the entrance that leads to Lion Habitat Ranch Inc, 382 Bruner Ave, Henderson, NV 89044, United States. There’s no building here, so be on the look out for the white gate.


Lion Habitat In Las Vegas Nevada Behind the Scenes


Lion Habitat Ranch behind the scenes is 90-minute tour around the ranch. Experienced trainers guide visitors around the ranch ensuring to answer any questions and to give as much information as possible about the animals andhow the ranch operates. Some of the amazing things you get to experience on the Behind-the-Scenes tour include live feeding, cleaning, watering, and bathing of the animals. You get to see how the ranch takes care of the animals or their daily routine. You also get to hand feed the painting Giraffe known as Ozzie.


Lion Habitat Las Vegas Hours of Operation

Lion Habitat Las Vegas is open Thursday through Monday from 11am to 3pm during winters, but in the summer, they are open 10am to 2pm. Admissions or tickets are purchased online on their website. Nevada locals pay $20 while visitors from out of the state pay $25. Seniors either local or from out of the state pay $20.

Lion Habitat Las Vegas has a discount price of $18 for military, fire, police, but they must show an ID. College students fee is $18. Family or a group pay about $50. The ranch does not charge children under 3 years. Admission for adults comes with +1 child ages 4-14. So, if you are visiting with one child ages 4-14 you will only pay for your ticket.


Is Lion Habitat Ranch Bruner Avenue Henderson NV Address?    


The official address for Lion Habitat Ranch is 382 Bruner Ave,Henderson, NV 89044, United States. The ranch is located 6 miles South of St.Rose Parkway, you will see a white gate here which is the entrance.


Lion Habitat Ranch Jobs    


Those looking for a job opportunity at Lion Habitat Ranch should go through the website or visit the ranch. The nonprofit Sanctuary is always open to volunteers. They have a form on their website with requirements for those who would love to be a part of the ranch. The slots are open if you are 18 years or older, and able to walk or stand for at least 4 hours and be without any health issues.

The available positions for the volunteers include informational personand 90-minute behind the scenes guide. Volunteering hours for informational persons are Friday to Monday from 11 am to 3 pm and for 90-minute guides it’s Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Those who take part receive a certificate of appreciation after completing their volunteer time. You can try your luck here on their website


Who Owns Lion Habitat Ranch Inc Las Vegas?

Lion Habitat Ranch Inc Las Vegas is owned by Keith Evans who acquired the ranch in 1989. Since he acquired the ranch in 1989, Evans has always worked to ensure that the ranch feels very much as home for the rare barbary lions from Africa. The ranch works closely with Conservation International in Kenya, to ensure a future for the endangered lion species. Evans loves the lions and other wild animals and would do anything to ensure their survival. He has ensured that the ranch takes part in the fight against captive breeding oflions for the canned hunting industry through charity events that help fund the organizations in Africa like the Campaign Against Canned Hunting. By taking atour here in the ranch or by donating, you help Lion Habitat Ranch achieve their dream of conserving the lions and guarantee that the future generations will enjoy the beauty of the wild nature and all it comes with.


Lion Habitat Ranch Inc Official Website

The official website for Lion Habitat Ranch Inc is


Henderson, NV has comfortable climate, warm and welcoming people, great infrastructures, and plenty of recreational opportunities. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Clark County. There are lots of beautiful views besides the connection with the wild nature in Lion Habitat Ranch. Joey Gilbert says that Henderson is a great place for a family get away because it’s further away from the nightlife of Las Vegas and there are lots of family events to engage in here.

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