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Peppermill Concert Hall

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Peppermill Concert Hall is a hotel, casino, and a contemporary concert venue in Wendover, Nevada. Peppermill Concert Hall hosts concerts for a wide range of genres and showcases popular performers and comedians. The hall’s total worth is $21 million and it has a 1000-seat capacity. Peppermill Concert Hall is owned by Peppermill Casinos, Inc.

Peppermill Concert Hall was relaunched in 1985 after it wasimproved. Between 1976 to 1981 the casino and hotel were known as Hideaway Casino, and between 1981 and 1984 the hotel was known as Gold Rush Casino. Rainbow Resort and Montego Bay Resort are also a part of the casino and hotel and are also owned by Peppermill Casinos, Inc. The Rainbow Resort offers 429 luxurious rooms, suites, indoor pool, lounge, and on-site restaurant. The Montego Bay Resort offers 552 rooms and suites, jetted tubs, an outdoor pool,and workout facility.

Where Is Peppermill Concert Hall Wendover Located?


Peppermill Concert Hall Wendover is located in West Wendover, in the state of Nevada. Their address is 680 Wendover Blvd, West Wendover, NV89883, United States.


Is Peppermill Concert Hall Nevada Open?

Yes, Peppermill Concert Hall Nevada is Open. The hotel andcasino has done all that is necessary to help visitors observe the Covid19 regulations such as observing social distancing.


Peppermill Concert Hall Wendover Nevada    

Some of the well-known bands showcased at Peppermill ConcertHall Wendover include Lynyrd Skynyrd, 3 Dog Night, even Cheech and Chong andothers. Also, the hall features big-name entertainment like Jay Leno, VinceGill, Willie Nelson, Ronnie Dunn, and Pat Benatar.


Peppermill Concert Hall Events    

To see all the events and promotions available for the month of April, you can visit their official website. However, for the time being, there will be no shows in the concert hall. Some of the promotions and special events available this month include Play Day progressive, 3X comps, 5X tierpoints, Rainbow slot tournament, and 2X tier points.


How Many Seats in Peppermill Concert Hall?    

Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover has 1,000 seats. To make the experience amazing for every fan, all seats are within 88 feet of the stage. Peppermill Concert Hall also has hundreds of balconies, mezzanine and a floor setting that is also within 88 feet from the stage. So, every view is great at the concert hall.  Due to its high quality of services, the hotel and casino has not once been nominated as "Casino Venue of the Year" by the Academy of Country Music.


Which Restaurants Are near Peppermill Concerts in Wendover?    

There are 12 restaurants at the peppermill concerts in Wendover. The restaurants include:

  1. Pancho and Willie's - Peppermill
  2. Bimini Cafe - Rainbow
  3. 2nd Street Deli - Rainbow
  4. Cafe Espresso - Peppermill
  5. Coffee Bar - Rainbow
  6. Coffee Corner - Montego Bay
  7. Romanza - Montego Bay
  8. Cafe Milano - Peppermill
  9. Steak House - Rainbow
  10. Oceano Cafe - Montego Bay
  11. Paradise Grill - Montego Bay
  12. Primo - Rainbow


How Many People Does the Peppermill Concert Hall Seat?    

Peppermill Concert Hall Seating Capacity is 1,000 seats and there is no bad seat here as all of them are within 88 feet of the stage. The concert hall seating is divided into floor seats, balcony, sections-G, and mezzanine which are literally within 88 feet of the stage.    


How to Spot Fake Peppermill Concert Hall Tickets?    

To ensure you don’t get a fake ticket, always purchase your ticket from a trusted site or visit the venue in person. Since you might needto book a spot, online ticketing is the best. Online ticket sales start at 10:00 AM and at 11:00 AM on Peppermill Concert Hall website.


Peppermill Concert Hall West Wendover Official Website

The official website for Peppermill Concert Hall West Wendover is Here you can see all the available shows, flights, promotions, and amenities.


The best resorts and deluxe rooms at low prices. Over the years, Peppermill Concert Hall has managed to offer the best services and to continuously showcase top tier entertainers a factor that has made the hotel and casino to be nominated by the Academy of Country Music as the Casino Venue ofthe year. For most people, it is the seating. Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover offers intimate venue by ensuring the last person in the hall is within 88 feet of the stage. No one can be left out in enjoying all the shows presented here. Peppermill Concert Hall, 680 Wendover Blvd, West Wendover, NV 89883, United States is just 5 hours 30 minutes from Reno, where Joey Gilbert resides. Joey Gilbert believes that Peppermill Concert Hall is an important part of Wendover and Nevada in general. It is feeding lots of family and should be back in operation full capacity.

Joey Gilbert
For a period of 10 years (2000-2010) as a professional boxer, I dedicated my life to fighting for myself. Everything I did was focused on winning the boxing matches ahead. I fought and won. Since then, I have now dedicated my time and resources to fighting for the people of Nevada. Yes, I am fighting for you. It is my number one priority to respond to the community outcry at any time. I fight for you, regardless of sex, religion, race, and status.
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