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Red Rock Casino  

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Red Rock Casino is a hotel and casino with a total of 796 rooms and 118,309 square foot gaming room. Red Rock Casino was opened on April 18th, 2006 after 2 years of construction from 2004. Red Rock Casino offers supreme luxury and unprecedented accommodations. The hotel and casino is 20 stories high, but it’s a reduction from the initial plan of 23 stories. It was reduced because residents were concerned that a tall structure would ruin the amazing views of Red Rock Canyon. Since opening, Red Rock Casino has been renovated several times in 2006 and 2007, 2014, and 2020. The renovations include huge expansion projects like the $65 million hotel expansion and an additional $31 million bowling alley in 2006, and also a $35 million expansion to include some more restaurants in 2014.


Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Red Rock Casino also Red Rock Casino or Red Rock Casino and resort is a resort and Casino owned by Casino Stations. It was initially named Red Rock Station after the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Construction of the resort & spa faced some challenges in its official years when the proposed 300-foot hotel tower, 23-story time share condominium was opposed by the residents in conjunction with the Culinary Workers Union, Sierra Club, and The Conservation Fund. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa project was expected to start in 2003, but it was delayed by the opposition. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa owners, Station Casinos initial project was aimed at giving the guests a perfect view of the Red Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip. Summerlin residents wouldn’t agree to the 300-foot tower or anything above 100 feet, but after negotiations an agreement for 198-foot hotel tower was reached. Construction began in 2004 and by April 2006, the $925 million Resort & Spa construction was completed.


Where is Red Rock Casino?

Red Rock Casino is located in Summerlin South, Nevada. It is located in the downtown Summerlin neighborhood near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Its location explains the name Red Rock Casino. The onsite activities in Red Rock Casino include, a casino, game room, hot tub, pool, health spa, and a healthclub. There are activities visitors can engage in nearby Red Rock Casino including Bicycling, jogging, golfing, shopping, and horseback riding.


Where Is the Red Rock Casino In Las Vegas?

Red Rock Casino or Red Rock Resort & Spa is located in the Las Vegas Valley in Summerlin South, Clark County, Nevada. Red Rock Casino Las Vegas is found on the western edge ofthe Las Vegas Valley next to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It's a 6 minutes ride, 2.5 miles away from Las Vegas via I-15 S.


How Far Is the Red Rock Casino from The Las Vegas Strip?

Red Rock Casino is about 10 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. If you are visiting Las Vegas, you should consider residing in this luxurious casino and hotel. Red Rock Casino resort also offers tours, horseback rides, kayaking, and shuttle transfers. You don’t have to worry about the distance, its just a few minutes away from theLas Vegas Strip.


Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas

Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas or Red Rock Resort & Spa is located in Las Vegas Valley in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Clark County, Nevada, United States. Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas address is 11011 W Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89135. Red Rock Casino features has the most luxurious hotel rooms and suites, sensuous spa treatments, appetizing dining and thrilling casino gaming than most of the casinos dotted around the Las Vegas Valley.

Is Red Rock Casino Open?

So, what is open on Red Rock Casino? Currently open in Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa are gaming, hotel amenities, food and beverages, and recreation. Red Rock Casino has reopened. Guests can play their favorite machines, select table games, keno, bingo, do pool side gaming, outdoor gaming, and sports book wagering. The only game guests cannot play right now is live poker. The hotels at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa are reopened for stay and guests can enjoy full in-room dining, pool, spa, salon as well as on the house valet.

For parents looking for recreation activity in Summerlin South or near Las Vegas, Red Rock Casino is a perfect spot. You can hold your kid’s birthday party at Red Rock Casino. Spring Break open hours for Kids Quest at Red Rock Casino:

March 27th to April 5

Sunday March 28 th to Saturday April 3rd - 10:00AM to 12:00AM

Sunday April 4th                                             -10:00AM to 12:00AM

Monday April 5th                                           -11:00AM to 11:00PM

How Far Is Red Rock Casino from The Airport?


Red Rock Casino is approximately 18 miles away from McCarran International Airport (LAS). This is a 20-minute drive via Co Rd 215 W. You will always find shuttles to take you to the Red Rock Casino located outside of McCarran International Airport's baggage claim area.

Red Rock CasinoRestaurants

Red Rock Casino restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes. You will get any kind dish you prefer from Japanese cuisine to Italian cookery and Chinese delicacies. The list of restaurants in the hotel. Red Rock Casino restaurants include:

·       Hachi

·       Terra Rossa

·       Yard House

·       Grand Cafe

·       LBS: A burger Joint

·       T-Bone Chophouse


How Much Are the Villas at Red Rock Casino?

The price for 80 Suite at Red Rock is $15,000 per night. The Red Rock Casino has both Grand Villa Suites and Villa Suites The 3,090 square-feet Grand Villa Suites at Red Rock Casino has a personalized butler service, a private pool, and patio. You can visit Red Rock Casino website for the Grand Villa Suites pricing and booking. The Villa Suites comes witha private pool and patio. You can visit Red Rock Casino website for the Villa Suites pricing and booking.


Red Rock Casino Las Vegas or Redrocks casino Las Vegas

You can say Red Rock Casino Las Vegas instead of Redrocks casino Las Vegas. The name Redrocks casino can be associated with the color of the rocks in the Canyon. The Red Rock Canyon features red sandstone peaks.

Red Rock Casino Las Vegas Rates & Policies

Standard rooms cost at Red Rock Casino are between $207-$240 USD. Suites at Red Rock Casino startat $546 USD. The cancellation policy at Red Rock Casino Las Vegas is that youhave to make the cancellation reservation 48 hours prior to your stated day ofarrival. The Casino and hotel also require a deposit upon arrival. Red Rock Casino deposit policy is first night room and tax.

Red Rock CasinoResort & Spa Official Website

The official website for is Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is where you need to visit to explore your options at the Red Rock Casino and for enquiries and bookings. You can see the variety amazing room options available there.


Red Rock Canyon offer the unrivalled aesthetic and resort experience. Also, you get an amazing view of the Red Rock Canyons from the luxurious hotel rooms. This is right because the hotel is nestled amongst the innate majesty of the Red Rock Canyons offering you one of the most amazing views. Given its location in the desert and the design, you are in for a treat with an awe-inspiring accommodation. Joey Gilbert is a fan of Summerlin South, and all of Las Vegas region. JoeyGilbert speaks highly of the beauty of the Las Vegas region and the Red Rock Canyon is one of his favorite sceneries in the state of Nevada.



Joey Gilbert
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