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Ruby Mountains

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Ruby Mountains are mountain ranges and part of a group of metamorphic and igneous rocks that were once buried deep within the Earth’s crust. Ruby Mountain near Elko, Nevada was formed about 540 million years ago based on the age of the rocks forming the mountain. Ruby Mountains reach an elevation of 11,387 feet. The Ruby Mountains are Nevada's wettest region offering a green and lush landscape which is completely opposite of the desert ecosystem in Nevada. Ruby Mountains Nevada offers a number of recreational opportunities including hiking, skiing, fishing, camping, mountain biking, backpacking among others. The Ruby Mountains are a gem of mountain wonder in Elko, Nevada.


The Ruby Range Nevada

The breathtaking ruby range Nevada officially known Ruby Mountains is also referred to as Alps of Nevada or Rubies. The name 'Ruby' comes from garnets – a group of silicate minerals that were found here by early explorers. The garnets or, red semi precious stones are found in certain metamorphic rocks that form the Ruby Mountains.


How Were the Ruby Mountains Formed?

Ruby Mountains in Spring Creek, Elko county, NV were formed as a result of metamorphic core complex or continental extension.The Ruby Mountains tell a story of metamorphism, granitic intrusion, uplift and glaciation. During the extension, the middle and lower crust is dragged from beneath, extending the upper crust. The upper crust continues to uplift as the metamorphic core complexes progresses, and the result is a domed metamorphic footwall, non-metamorphosed hanging wall, and a shallowly mylonitic shear zone.


Are Ruby Mountains Sedimentary    

Yes, Ruby Mountains rocks are made of highly metamorphosed miogeoclinal sedimentary rocks as well as various late Cretaceous and Tertiary granitic rocks. Late Cretaceous granitic rocks which are exposed around the Lamoille Canyon area can be divided into two groups including, equigranular two-mica granitic gneiss and pegmatitic sillimanite-bearing two-mica granitic gneiss. These types of rocks are evidence that the Ruby Mountains were formed from continental extension where rocks found deep in the earth's crust were exposed and folded up.


Where Are the Ruby Mountains in Nevada Or Where Are the Ruby Mountains Located?

Ruby Mountains are located in Spring Creek, Nevada. The Ruby Mountains is located within Elko County, but have extended into White Pine County, Nevada. Ruby Mountains are located 25 miles from Elko, NV. A huge part of the Ruby Mts is located just next to East Humboldt Range.


Lamoille Canyon in Ruby Mts.    

Lamoille Canyon also referred to as Yosemite of Nevada is a local feature that lies in the heart of the Ruby Mountains, Nevada. Lamoille Canyon was formed as a result of heavy carving by glacial activity in the Ruby Mountains during the last ice age. It is a must-see feature that leads you to a beautiful blue lagoon between mountain ranges.

Lamoille Canyon is located in the central portion of Elko County and is about 12 miles in length. While hiking up Ruby Mountains, Lamoille Canyon is part of the first few miles of the Ruby Crest trail. Lamoille Canyon is considered one of the best scenes and a photographer’s dream in Elko Nevada.


Hotels near Ruby Mountains Nevada    

There are a couple of hotels within 30 miles of the Ruby Mountains Nevada.

·       Ramadaby Wyndham Elko Hotel  - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, 4.1/5 after 974 reviews.

·       BudgetInn - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 4/5 after 79 reviews.

·       HolidayMotel - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 4.2/5 after 97 reviews.

·       ManorMotor Lodge - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, 3.9/5 after 17 reviews.

·       EsquireInn - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 4.2/5 after 501 reviews.

·       DaysInn by Wyndham Elko - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated3.7/5 after 510 reviews.

·       CentreMotel - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 4.2/5 after 47reviews.

·       ElkoMotel - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 3.4/5 after 76reviews.

·       Travelers Motel - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 2.3/5 after 13reviews.

·       BestWestern Elko Inn - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 4.2 after 930 reviews.

·       EconomyInn - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, rated 4.1 after 13 reviews.

·      ThunderbirdMotel - 30 miles from Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area, Rated 3.9 after 207 reviews.


Lookout Mountain Ruby Falls    

Lookout Mountain is a mountain ridge coveringpart of Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Lookout Mountain together with Sand Mountain forms the largest part of Cumberland Plateau. Lookout Mountain wasformed about 200 million years ago after a shallow ancient sea receded after the area lifted. Lookout Mountain’s high point is 2,392 feet above sea level and is located near Walker County, Georgia. One of the most famous features of the Lookout Mountain is Ruby falls. The Ruby falls are not related to Ruby mountains in Elko, NV it’s just a similar name. Ruby falls are a series of underground waterfalls emerging from caves at the base of Lookout Mountain.  


How Far Is Ruby Falls from Lookout Mountain?

Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain are found in the same place in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ruby falls are located inside Lookout Mountain and are considered the deepest commercial cave in the United States. Ruby Falls were discovered in 1928 by Leo Lambert deep within Lookout Mountain. They are a series of underground falls falling a height of 44m deep within Lookout Mountain.


Ruby Mountain Motors    

Ruby Mountain Motors is a car dealership located in Northeastern Nevada in Elko. Ruby Mountain Motors sell all types of cars from Coupe, Sedan, SUV, Trucks, and more. The car dealership offers its services to Elko, NV residents and nearby Eureka and Lander County. Ruby Mountain Motors address is 651 W Idaho St Elko, NV 89801.


Ruby Mountain Campground    

South Ruby Mountain Campground is located just above Ruby Lake. It is located 6,000 feet in elevation at the base of Ruby Mountains. South Ruby Campground has a wide variety of activities such as fishing, hiking, boating, hunting, and birding. The campground is home to various animal and plant species. Ruby Mountain Campground has about 220 different birds’ species in this beautiful campground. This is a go to destination if you love camping or hiking.


Standing at 11,387 feet The Ruby Mountains Nevada's gem. The Ruby Mountains have some of the best views and are by far the best landscapes in Nevada. The mountain ranges offers the best hiking trails and a camping ground. It offers hiking trails along rushing waterfalls and fields of blazing wild flowers. There are endless of activities to enjoy here including hiking, skiing, fishing, camping, mountain biking, and backpacking. Joey Gilbert believes that the people of Elko are very lucky and that Ruby Mountains in Spring Creek, Nevada are historically significant with all that they have to offer to the world. It's a perfect spot for a getaway from the city madness.





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