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Sahara Las Vegas

Friday, March 19, 2021

Sahara Las Vegas is a 1616-room 4-star hotel and casino. Sahara Las Vegas has three distinct towers namely, Alexandria tower, Marra Tower, and Blanca Tower. Sahara Las Vegas rooms are unique in each tower but they all offer lavish and an intimate experience typifying the timeless soul of Las Vegas. Sahara Vegas has a dining option with five onsite restaurants offering savory meals at the comfort of your rooms. One of the restaurants is Bazaar meat that specializes in American cuisine.

Sahara Vegas

Sahara Vegas is a hotel with 1,616 rooms, full-service spa, and three outdoor pools, and a casino. Sahara Vegas is within a 15-minute walk with some of the most amazing sights such as Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. Sahara Vegas is just 4.3 miles or 10 minutes from the Las Vegas airport, McCarran international Airport.


Hotel Sahara Las Vegas

Hotel Sahara Las Vegas hotel is adjacent to SLS Las Vegas Casino and features a full-service spa and a night club. The hotel has 1616 rooms in three different towers each offering a unique personality. The rooms options include Blanca Double, Blanca King, Alexandria King, Marra Double, Marra King, and Alexandria Deluxe King. Each of these rooms offer unique experience. For instance, the Marra Double has double beds, spacious work desk, and an additional seating area. Marra King offer luxurious king bed, a designated work area, and a seating area. Alexandria Deluxe King offers a sophisticated seating area, ample working space, peek-a-boo shower and a large bathroom. For room reservations at the Sahara hotel Las Vegas, you can contact 888.696.2121.

Where Is the Sahara Las Vegas Located?

Sahara Las Vegas is located on Las Vegas BLVD. South road in Winchester, Nevada. Sahara Las Vegas serves as the gateway to Las Vegas. It is located on The Strip near the Stratosphere Tower. Sahara Vegas is 2.5 miles from Las Vegas center. Sahara Las Vegas address is: 2535 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109-1137.


How Big Is the Sahara Las Vegas?

Sahara Las Vegas Hotel and Casino covers over 60,000 square feet space. The space is packed with restaurants, entertainment, lounges, bars, clubs, spa, fitness centers, meeting rooms, ballrooms, pools, casino, and retail area among others.  


DMV Sahara Las Vegas

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Sahara Las Vegas is located on E.Sahara avenue in Las Vegas. DMV Las Vegas offers services such as driver license, driver's license renewal, duplicate license, permit, driver's license reinstatement, vehicle registration, plate surrender, and road tests, identification cards, and vehicle titles. DMV Sahara Las Vegas address is:

E. Sahara Ave. Office 2701 E.Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89104

Sahara Casino Las Vegas

Sahara Casino Las Vegas offers a unique gaming experience to residents. It is considered one of the best gaming destinations on The Strip. The casino is about 60,000 square foot in size and features dramatic chandeliers, rich colors and intimate vibe. Sahara Vegas Casino has a player's club known as Club52 where members can earn rewards by using the membership card at the slots and table games inside the casino. It has over 600 slot machines, and over 50 table games. To ensure responsible gaming. Sahara Las Vegas casino or SLS Casino allows only 21+ years players. They also offer a problem gamblers helpline, 1-800-522-4700 to report anyone you know has a problem with gaming. For more information about Sahara Casino Las Vegas visit their website.


Can you swim in Lake Sahara Las Vegas?

Yes, you can swim in Las Vegas Lake Sahara. Lake Sahara is a 30 acresnatural habitat for all kinds of wildlife. It us a private topaz jewel and offers visitors a refreshing cool reliefduring the summer season. Visitors can also enjoy recreational activities likeboating, fishing and wonderful views. Lake Sahara has over three miles ofshoreline owned by lakefront homeowners. For those who would like to own aprivate shoreline in Las Vegas, this is your destination. The lake is locatedeast of Summerlin area and has 300 homes,

How Far Is Sahara Las Vegas From TheStrip?

Sahara Las Vegas is 2-3 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. it isabout 6-10 minutes away from The Strip. It is 6 minutes or 3.5 miles away viaI-15 N, 10 minutes or 2.0 miles via Las Vegas Blvd S, and 11 minutes or 3.9miles via Sammy Davis Jr DR.


Is Sahara On The Las Vegas Strip?

SAHARA Las Vegas 2535 Las Vegas Blvd S, LasVegas, NV 89109-1137 is just 6 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. It is located on the Northern end of The Strip. The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is the major landmark standing in between the Strip and Sahara Las Vegas.

Sahara Las Vega Or the Sahara Las Vegas?

The correct spelling is Sahara Las Vegas not Sahara Las Vega. Sahara Las Vegas is usually referred to as the gateway to Las Vegas. Sahara Las Vegas has over 1600 guest rooms and three unique towers. Rooms in each of the three Towers are unique and offers the best experience. The closest land mark to the Sahara Las Vegas is Stratosphere Tower. The price for a room in Sahara Las Vegas ranges from $51.80 per night to 104.30 per night excluding a nightly resort fee of $37.95.

Sahara Las Vegas Reviews

Most reviews for Sahara Las Vegas are positive and show that Sahara Las Vegas is a go-to place while visiting Las Vegas. Sahara Las Vegas reviews point out that the destination is incredible, offers a great view, and has amazing customer service. To see the reviews, you can check out,,TripAdvisor, and Yelp. One review on Google staes,

“I had an absolute ball!!! The rooms are niceand comfortable. The casino pays very well! I took my son for his 21st birthdayand he enjoyed himself to the fullest. The restaurants and bars are top notch.The concierge service is one of the best that I have encountered.”


Sahara Las Vegas Official Website?

The official website for Sahara Las Vegas is Here, you get to learn more about the hotel and Casino, prices, and all the features included in the 60,000 plus space.


SAHARA Las Vegas, Winchester, Nevada is a huge attraction destination in Las Vegas. Joey Gilbert believes that SAHARA Las Vegas, Winchester, Nevada is a great place to visit and wishes that the state closure regulations does not affect such a huge place given the number of employees it is serving. Keeping these kinds of places open not only benefits the business owners but also hundreds of citizens who work for them and those who find comfort and peace of mind here.

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