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Silverton Casino Hotel

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Silverton Casino Hotel or Silverton Casino Las Vegas is a 300-room hotel and casino in Enterprise Nevada. Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas is built on an 80-acre land and is considered one of the best locations for a hotel away from The Strip. The casino and hotel construction began in 1993 and it was completed in May 1994. The casino was opened as Boomtown LasVegas. It was built under the joint venture between Roski and Boomtown BlueDiamond. Later in 1996, the joint venture ended as Boomtown Blue Diamond was acquired by Hollywood Pak Inc.

In 1996, Roski bought Boomtown Las Vegas for $8.5 million and Boomtown Blue Diamond merged with Hollywood Park-Boomtown. After acquiring the casino in 1997, Roski renamed it to Silverton. In 2004, he made $150 million worth of renovations, he added more structures like the Bass Pro Shop and more restaurants. In 2009, $160 million renovations were made adding more restaurants, parking garage, and the casino was expanded. In 2016, a Crackel Barrel opened an 18-story time share building with 400 units as part of Silverton property. Another project worth $60 million was launched in 2018 which would include eateries and a 5-story Hyatt Place hotel. Same year, Starbucks and Blaze Pizza restaurant opened at Silverton Village. Silverton Casino has about 875 employees and a revenue of $100 million.


Where Is Silverton Hotel and Casino Located?

Silverton Hotel and Casino is located in Enterprise, Nevada. Enterprise is an unincorporated town in the Las Vegas valley. The casino and hotel is located near the end of the las Vegas Valley.


Is Parking Free at Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas?    

Yes, Silverton Hotel and Casino has free parking and free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas. Also available at the casino are 6 onsite hotels, swimming pool, spa, live gaming tables, and poker machines.


Is Las Vegas Hotel Silverton Open?

Yes, Las Vegas Hotel Silverton is open now. Open hours forthe hotel and casino are 24 hours 7 days a week.


How Far Is Silverton Hotel and Casino Las Vegas From The Strip?

Silverton Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is located only 5 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. The 300-room hotel and casino is family friendly.They have amenities where children can enjoy like the pool. Although it’s a 3.5-star hotel, Silverton Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is praised for its services. If you are visiting Las Vegas and you need an affordable and fun place to stay, Silverton Hotel should be one of the places to consider.


How Far from Silverton Hotel to Southpoint Casino?

Silverton Hotel is located only 2.3 miles or 5 minutes from Southpoint Casino. South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa is a resort located in Las Vegas. The hotel and casino has a total 2,300 rooms, and offers restaurants,bowling, movies, and showroom. Southpoint Casino is also a 3.5-star hotel just like Silverton Hotel and Casino.


Does Silverton Casino Resort Have Restaurants?

Silverton Casino Resort has 8 dining room restaurants of which 5 are operational now and 3 are temporarily closed. They include:

  • Mi Casa
  • Sundance Grill
  • Wuhu Noodle
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Starbucks
  • Twin Creeks
  • Su Casa
  • Seasons A Live Action Buffet


Silverton Resort and Casino Phone Number and Official Website

Silverton Resort and Casino official website is The website contains all the information you need about their services and fees.You can book a room or explore the different services they offer or contactthem here.

Silverton Hotel and Casino phone number is 866.722.4608. Their address is 3333 Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas, NV 89139.


On Las Vegas Valley is the beautiful Silverton Hotel and Casino. The casino and hotel is luxurious yet affordable for many. Most people dream of visiting Las Vegas, more so the Vegas Strip but due to funds, they don’t realize their dreams. This happens because they are not aware of the amazing and classy hotels just a few miles from Downtown Vegas where they can spend a night and enjoy the convenience of being close to The Strip. With such options, more people will be able to see all that Las Vegas has to offer even without spending a lot of money because hotels on the Strip or at city center are more expensive. Las Vegas and its surroundings are beautiful and as Joey Gilbert says, Enterprise on the Las Vegas Valley is a beautiful place to visiton a trip to Las Vegas.

Joey Gilbert
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