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Spooner Lake

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Spooner Lake is a manmade lake in Tahoe Nevada. The lake sits at 6,972 feet above sea level. The lake covers about 78 acres and its deepest point is 20 feet. Spooner Lake is fed by numerous seeps and snow melt and outflows into North Canyon Creek in Spooner Meadow. The lake offers endless recreational opportunities all through the year including hiking, skiing, fishing, biking, and camping. Spooner Lake also has a Cabin for four people and a Wildcat Cabin for two people. Besides that, there's a camping space at Spooner Lake.


How Spooner Lake Nevada Was Formed

Spooner Lake was initially developed as a water system to facilitate logging operations in 1873. The lake was also developed as a project to redirect water to facilitate the transportation of logs from Spooner Summit to Carson. Water was redirected to chutes that were transporting logs to ensure its efficiency and to ensure the mills in Carson City, the capital of Nevada received logs on time. The logs being transported were meant to help support the walls of silver mining operations. In 1927, Spooner Lake was the built asan impoundment to store irrigation water. Decades later in 1973, the Departmentof Wildlife stocked Spooner Lake with trout fish. You can go fishing in the lake but you must have a fishing license.


Where is Spooner Lake Located?

Spooner Lake is located near Carson City, Douglas County north of the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 28 just near Spooner Summit. It is situated within Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park near the famous Lake Tahoe.


Spooner Lake Hike    

Spooner Lake Tahoe has an extensive recreational and natural oasis, the Spooner Back Country. The Back Country is surrounded by more than 12,000 acres of forest. It has a 5-mile hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails. Spooner Lake offers a short hike trail around the lake. It is also the start point of a 5-mile hiking trail to Marlette Lake. Hiking around Spooner Lake Tahoe is spectacular during fall as the trees start to turn color. You can be sure to be surrounded by natures beauty in yellow, red, and orange.


Spooner Lake Trail    

Every walk around Spooner Lake Nevada State Park is an opportunity to learn more about the natural world. The trails around the lake are friendly for all ages, and is also a perfect place to walk pets. The park has a 2.5-mile loop that has a splendid range of colors during fall. Besides the hiking and mountain biking trails, Spooner Lake also offers a system of cross-country ski trails passing through forests and through open meadows all along Spooner Lake banks.


Are Dogs Allowed at Spooner Lake?    

Yes, Dogs are allowed into Spooner Lake Nevada. The 2.5-mile loop trail in Spooner Lake is flat and safe to walk all kinds of pets including dogs.


What Hotels Are New Spooner Lake Tahoe?    

There are a couple of hotels located within 10 miles radius of Spooner Lake Tahoe. They include:

  1. Courtyard Carson City - Located 8.1 miles from Spooner Lake
  2. Super 8 by Wyndham Carson  City – Located 8.4 miles from Spooner Lake
  3. Holiday Inn Club Vacations David Walley's Resort - Located 8.4 miles from Spooner Lake
  4. Motel 6 Carson City - Located 8.5 miles from Spooner Lake
  5. The Federal Hotel - Located 8.9 miles from Spooner Lake
  6. Carson Tahoe Hotel - Located 9.2 miles from Spooner Lake
  7. Hardman House Hotel - Located 9.2 miles from Spooner Lake
  8. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino - Located 9.4 miles from Spooner Lake
  9. Parkside Inn at Incline - Located 9.6 miles from Spooner Lake
  10. The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe - Located 9.8 miles from Spooner Lake
  11. Hampton Inn & Suites Carson City - Located 9.9 miles from Spooner Lake
  12. My Place Hotel - Located 9.9 miles from Spooner Lake
  13. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Carson City - Located 9.9 miles from Spooner Lake
  14. Harveys Lake Tahoe – Located 10.1 miles from Spooner Lake
  15. Basecamp South Lake Tahoe - Located 10.2 miles from Spooner Lake


Spooner Lake WI   

Spooner Lake WI is a 1132-acre waterway with a maximum depth of 17 feet. The lake is located in Washburn County, in the state of Wisconsin. Spooner Lake has a fishery area in a 64.5-acre property. The fish available here include Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Panfish, and Walleye. There are other recreational opportunities just like in Spooner Lake Tahoe including hiking, bird watching, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. Also available in Spooner Lake WI is hunting of animals like, waterfowl, deer, and small game.


Silver Spoon Miami Lakes    

Silver Spoon Miami Lakes is a Thai and sushi restaurant in Miami. The restaurant is located in Miramar and Miami Lakes, Florida. SilverSpoon Miami Lakes serves Japanese and Thai dishes. The Japanese menu includes dishes such as teriyaki, katsu and other sushi options. They have Thai cuisine including stir-fry and fried rice.


A Spoonful of Sugar LakeCharles LA    

A Spoonful of Sugar Lake Charles is a bakery/deli located in LA. The official address for A Spoonful of Sugar Lake Charles, LA is 1155 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601, United States. They serve a variety of lunch items and decadent desserts that have become quite popular in Lake Charles, LA and surrounding cities.


A Spoon of Salt in A Lake Is Almost Unnoticed Quote Meaning

A Spoon of Salt in A Lake Is Almost Unnoticed is part of alonger quote. The quote by Buddha says “Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.”

Directly translated, A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed means that a small amount of salt put in a huge mass of water does not alter the taste of the waters. This would be different if a small crystal of salt was put in a glass of water. Definitely it would change the taste of the water in the glass.  


Spooner Lake CA Hiking

California residents neighboring Nevada's gem Spooner Lake can in a matter of minutes travel into Nevada and enjoy all the beauty that Spooner Lake Tahoe has to offer. The recreational activities available for all visitors includes hiking, fishing, and camping.


Spooner Lake Tahoe Fee

Day use entrance at Spooner Lake Tahoe is $10, and if youhave a bike you will have to pay $2 for the bike. Visit the website to know more about cabin pricing.


Spooner Lake Tahoe Official Website

The official website for Spooner Lake is


Spooner Lake is one of the beautiful features found in Nevada's capital, Carson City. Spooner Lake is surrounded by an extensive recreational and natural oasis with lots of fun activities including hiking, bird watching, canoeing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. Times are tough and everyone needs to have something that can calm their minds and restore sanity. Being out in nature can be a perfect healing activity. You should try visiting Spooner Lake, and enjoy the beauty around it to clear your mind and explore what nature has to offer. Carson City is open and there are a lot to enjoy besides Spooner Laker. Joey Gilbert regularly visits Carson City, NV mostly for business purposes and he loves the city.

Joey Gilbert
For a period of 10 years (2000-2010) as a professional boxer, I dedicated my life to fighting for myself. Everything I did was focused on winning the boxing matches ahead. I fought and won. Since then, I have now dedicated my time and resources to fighting for the people of Nevada. Yes, I am fighting for you. It is my number one priority to respond to the community outcry at any time. I fight for you, regardless of sex, religion, race, and status.
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