Joey Gilbert
Reno, NV

Studies Show That Lockdowns and Mask Wearing Does Not Work

Monday, August 3, 2020

European Countries That Opened Much Earlier Has Half the Stringency Index than the US Except For The UK.

I want to share with everybody here is comparing Europe to the US. Lockdowns have proven not to work but there is a problem because politicians who have seized power by executive fiat for months will go on to promulgate even more life-altering rules. The stay-at-home orders failed to work and so did months of wearing masks. The effectiveness of the executive orders is being disproven but the politicians will keep using that lack of results as a pretext for introducing even more rules. Most countries that opened up much earlier like Switzerland and Sweden has a lower stringency index than the US, keeping in mind that the US remained under heavier restrictions than many countries in Europe. The evidence is clear, lockdowns don’t work and why I wanted to share this with everybody is because once again our governor just went on television and told us all about this crazy pandemic, that the coronavirus is going to do all this damage and death across the country and it has, right, and it has created a ton of pain and panic and pandemonium and everything else. after causing so much collateral damage, lockdowns don’t even work to stop the spread. America is locked down and has been this entire time. Take Switzerland for example, it opened much earlier than the US and now it’s at 36.57 stringency index, almost half of the US, wow! Sweden never achieved more than a 46 index. Even the states that opened up early in late April or early May, are clearly not responsible for the spread because the spread did not spread during the key weeks following the reopening.

Joey Gilbert
For a period of 10 years (2000-2010) as a professional boxer, I dedicated my life to fighting for myself. Everything I did was focused on winning the boxing matches ahead. I fought and won. Since then, I have now dedicated my time and resources to fighting for the people of Nevada. Yes, I am fighting for you. It is my number one priority to respond to the community outcry at any time. I fight for you, regardless of sex, religion, race, and status.
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