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Sunrise Mountain 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Sunrise Mountain is a rocky mountain in Sunrise Manor, Clark County, Nevada. Sunrise Manor is an unincorporated town in Clark County, Nevada just next to Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base. Sunrise Mountain has an elevation of 1025m. At the base of Sunrise Mountain is the Vishnu Schist, some of the oldest rocks in North America. This makes the mountain historical and one of the oldest physical features in North America. The rocks are said to be as old as 2 billion years. Although it is not climbed much often, Sunrise mountain can provide some of the most amazing views. The rocks that make Sunrise Mountain are similar to the rocks found on the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


Where Is Sunrise Mountain    

Sunrise Mountain is located east of Las Vegas in Sunrise Manor, Nevada. It is located near Nellis Air Force Base and one can get a bird’s eye view of Nellis AFB from the peak.

Sunrise Mountain is located about 5.4 km from the famous Frenchman Mountain. Often, Sunrise Mountain is confused with Frenchman Mountain due to their closeness and similarity in features. Both Sunrise Mountain and Frenchman Mountain contain some of the oldest rocks in North America area at their base.

Sunrise Mountain is 11.6 miles from Las Vegas and 9.2 miles from Nellis AFB.  


Sunrise Mountain or Frenchman Mountain?

Sunrise Mountain is different from Frenchman Mountain, but the two mountains are found near Las Vegas in Sunrise Manor, Clark County. Sunrise Mountain is just 6.4 miles from Frenchman Mountain. Both located east of Las Vegas, Sunrise Mountain and Frenchman Mountain offers some amazing views of the city and the sunrise. Frenchman Mountain is usually confused for Sunrise Mountain. Since the sun rises from Frenchman Mountain, it has for a long time been referred to as Sunrise. This started way back in 1947 when the National Geodetic Survey Bench Mark was placed on Frenchman Mountain designated as Sunrise. To date, the mountain comes up as sunrise mountain.


Those who live near Sunrise mountain and Frenchman Mountain in Clark County Nevada get to enjoy sunrise in all its splendor. The location of the mountains allows you to have a spectacular view of the sunrise from North Las Vegas.

Due to the mountain’s high elevation, the sun seems to rise over it from the other side. If you are lucky to climb to the peak of the mountain, you get to enjoy a magical view of the sunrise rays spread across the horizon. You will be greeted with sunrays with beautiful red, yellow, or orange tones far inthe horizon. The range of colors are a result of the sunlight traveling a long distance from the horizon.


Cadillac Mountain Sunrise    

Cadillac mountain is one-of-a-kind mountain located in the Acadia National Park in Hancock County, Maine. The mountain’s elevation is 1,530 feet.The famous Cadillac mountain sunrise refers to the sunrise view at Cadillac mountain. It has secured the first place for sunrise view in the whole of the United States.

Cadillac Mountain boasts as the first place in the United States to see the sunrise. It's famous among pilgrims who take on the journey each day toexperience the most gorgeous and unique sunrise in the US. Having a chance to see sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain is same as having a chance as the first one to see the sun in the US. So, the pilgrims hiking Cadillac mountain are always eager to claim being the first to watch the sunrise in the US that day.    


What Time Is Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain    

You must have heard that Cadillac mountain is the first place where the sun hits in the whole of the US. So, you might be asking yourself out of curiosity or because you are planning to experience these magical moments in person, what time is sunrise at Cadillac mountain? Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain occurs between 4:48 AM and 7:08 AM.

Although Cadillac mountain is said to be the first place to see the sun, you should know that this only happens in some times of the year. So, the times the sun appears first here depends on the time of the year. For instance, from October to early March the sun strikes Cadillac mountain before any other place in the US. If you are thinking of visiting Cadillac Mountain, consider going during those times of the year and you will have an experience of a lifetime. From the highest point of Acadia National Park, you can be the first person to set eyes and feel the sun in the entire US.


How to Watch Sunrise At Cadillac Mountain?    

To be able to watch sunrise at Cadillac Mountain you must be prepared for a hike. This means you must dress up and be ready for a trek up the mountain. Being the first place to see sun in the US, it means that you have tobe up early in the morning or camp there overnight. Cadillac Mountain can be crowded at some days since people across the US are always eager to make a trip here. To have the best experience, you need to be at the top of Cadillac Mountain at 4:00 AM in the morning especially when the sun rises at around 4:48AM, then, you will be able to see the horizon change from dark to the most beautiful colors.


Sunrise Mountain High School    

Located in the northeast Las Vegas valley near Sunrise mountain is Sunrise Mountain High School, Las Vegas, Nevada. Sunrise Mountain High School is a Clark County School District with about 2,562 students. The largest races in sunrise mountain high school include Hispanic, 78.8%, African American 11.2%, and White 5.7%.

Where Is Sunrise Mountain High School    

Sunrise Mountain High School is located on Los Feliz St. Las Vegas, NV. The full address for sunrise mountain high school is 2575 N. Los Feliz St. Las Vegas, NV 89156. The school is built on a vast piece of land and features some beautiful modern structures.

The school also has a huge play ground within the school premises offering the students a chance to nurture their talents outside the classroom. Sunrise Mountain High School is also referred to as the home of miners and their logo carries the mining history in the area.


Sunrise Mountain Library

Sunrise Mountain HS has one of the most beautiful libraries in Clark County School District. The library is an enormous, modern structure, and iswell equipped with all kinds of learning materials. Besides the beautiful physical library inside the school premises, students have access to a resourceful online library. Both fulltime students and distance learning students can benefit from the online library resources.  

Sunrise Mountain High School Graduation 2020    

Sunrise Mountain High School is 1 of 75 high schools located in the Clark County School District. Clark County School District has postponed all graduation ceremonies until further notice most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, Sunrise Mountain High School Graduation 2020 was not held.


Sunrise Mountain High School Teachers

Sunrise Mountain High School teacher’s population is 105, with the lower grades having more teacher allocation than the upper grades. The student teacher ratio in Sunrise Mountain High School is 24:1, which is quite higher compared to the state of Nevada ratio of 20:1. Each department has more than 5 teachers and some go past ten. It means that the school has all the required personnel and learning resources to perform well. However, sunrise mountain high school is ranked bottom 50% out of the total 660 schools in Nevada.


Sunrise Mountain Hs Official Website

The official website for sunrise mountain high school is


There's nothing quite like watching the sun rise from the horizon. It's even more exciting to be able to spot and feel the sun hours before everyone else. Some people go miles in search of such a memorable experience. Nothing is like viewing the sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain. Brightens the day and creates memories. The state of Nevada is also blessed with lots of sun and Las Vegas residents get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise over Sunrise Mountain and Frenchman Mountain. Joey Gilbert always mentions that the whole of the Las Vegas valley offers some of the greatest views like Sunrise Manor Sunrise view over Sunrise Mountain and Frenchman Mountain.







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