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The Hanging Tree

Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Hanging Tree is an infamous tree where Adam Uber was hung. The story goes that in 1987, a crime occurred in Genoa, Nevada and it ended up with one man dead and the other hung on a tree. It started as a bar room fight but ended up as one of the most historic occurrences in Nevada. Adam Uber and Hans Anderson got into a fight and as the fight intensified a gun was drawn. A gun shot was heard, and when the locals went to check, the first sight inside the room was a bottle of Red Eye, loaded gun, and Adam Uber and the dead body of Hans Anderson. The locals had one conclusion, Uber had shot Anderson, and they had him locked in jail. All this time, Uber was drunk and when he finally sobered up in jail, he said that he had no memory killing Anderson. There was one problem though, Genoa locals were not having any of that, and on top of that, Hans Anderson was liked in the town while Uber was not. So, the locals decided to take law into their own hands, they stormed the jail, broke him out and took him to the Hanging Tree. They must have felt that he was going to be released may be for lack of enough evidence, and given the age the crime occurred there was no technology to ascertain that Uber pulled the trigger. in the present time, that would have been easy to solve with all the technology, cameras, and fingerprint or DNA evidence is easily acquired.

Before he was hanged, Uber was given a chance to say his final words and well, he cursed those who took justice into their own hands unto seven generations. And the story has it that the mob that carried out the hanging ended up dying sudden, violent, and unhappy deaths. Some of them are said to have committed suicide. The same happened to their family members as well. So, it is believed that the curse worked.

Today, locals say that Uber’s ghost is still roaming around the Hanging Tree and the cell where he was held. Both Uber and Anderson were buried at the Old Genoa Cemetery. Anderson’s body was transferred from the cemetery to Gardnerville’s Garden Cemetery two years later. Since 1897, The Hanging Tree still stands and you can see it when you visit Genoa, it is marked with the Hanging Tree sign.

What Is A Hanging Tree?

A Hanging Tree is a tree where individuals are hanged as a punishment for a crime. The Hanging Tree in Genoa, Nevada is a good example of a Hanging Tree. The infamous tree is a major attraction in Genoa for locals and visitors. It also holds an interesting story. There are a couple of songs titled The Hanging Tree and stories inspired by this one incident. The Hanging Tree marks the darkest days of Nevada history. The Hanging Tree is approximately 154 years old. In 1897 when the historic hanging happened the tree was still big and couple years old, that’s why it is estimated at 150 years today.

Hanging was considered a method of capital punishment not only in Nevada but across the globe. Even today, some countries still hang some criminals while others have abandoned the practice.


Where Is the Hanging Tree Located?

The Hanging Tree is located in Genoa, Douglas County in Nevada. You can see the Hanging Tree standing by the road side downthe Genoa lane while driving on 191-229 NV-206. The Hanging Tree Genoa, Nevada address is 191-229 NV-206, Minden, NV 89423, United States.


Things to Do Near Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada

You can never regret visiting the town of Genoa in Nevada. Genoa Nevada is nestled at the base of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Range to the east and is just 25 minutes away from the amazing stunning Lake Tahoe.

Genoa is considered Nevada’s first settlement. The first settlement was made here in 1851 by a group of Mormon traders. Reno residents can in no time enjoy the sights in Genoa, it is just one hour South. While visiting here, you can enjoy the various attractions including:

·       Mormon Station State historic park  

·       Genoa Courthouse Museum

·       River Fork Ranch  

·       Holiday Inn Club Vacations

·       David Walley's Resort  

·       Genoa Cemetery  

·       Galler yon Main  

·       Genoa Lakes Golf Club  

·       Genoa Ranch Golf Course


Who’s That Man I See Underneath the Hanging Tree?

Hanging Tree is a 2017 song by Elijah Blake. In the lyrics, Elijah Blake starts with the words “Who's that man I see Underneath the hanging tree?” The song addresses the issue between the Black Americans and the police. In the lyrics, Elijah Blake says that the man underneath the hanging tree looks just like him or it could be his brother being victim of police abuse. The Hanging Tree song lyrics by Blake calls for freedom for the people of color, and an end to victimization by the police.


Are You Going to The Hanging Tree?

“The Hanging Tree,” is also a song from latest edition of Mocking jay Part 1 which employs lyrics based on lyrics written by “The Hunger Games” author Suzanne Collins. The vocalist in the movie, Jennifer Lawrence reached number two on iTunes songs chart with the lyrics.

The vocalist made headlines because she is not known as a singer but her performance of the Hanging Tree amazed the Movie series fans. The Hunger games "Hanging Tree" song is written from the perspective of the Genoa hanging incident where a man was accused of murder and hanged as a punishment. The hanging punishment or rather capital punishment came to the United States with the English and Scottish settlers. Possible reasons for the hanging punishment included murder or owing a debt. Some countries still hang people although it is heavily contested by human activists. In countries that do not conduct hanging, crimes that fit hanging sentence have changed to life imprisonment.


Are You Going to The Tree Hunger Games?  

Are You Going to The Tree Hunger Games is referring to the movie series Mockingjay. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 soundtrack lyrics “The Hanging Tree" written by Suzanne Collins start with the words “Are you, are you Coming to the tree? But what exactly does the song mean? Most people are troubled by words “are you coming to the tree” in the lyrics.

At the very beginning in the first stanza, the singer seems like a male lover trying to get the female lover to meet at midnight at a hanging tree which is very odd. Someone was hung for murder here and there is nothing interesting there. As you continue down it seems that a male lover and singer of the song is the murderer at the Hanging Tree and already dead for the crime. However, he says that he told the lover to run away and be free “Where I told you to run, so we’d both be free.” Does is mean she should get away from this area? This is answered when you continue down the song. It becomes clear that the lover being told to flee is part of the murder, and the freedom being referred to here is death at the Hanging Tree. This is confirmed in the last stanza where the singer says “Where dead man called out, For his love to flee.” The dead man is calling the lover to come and die on the Hanging Tree as well and be free with him. It seems they both were involved in the murder. May be its being free from guilt of the murder.


James Newton Howard The Hanging Tree

James newton Howard the Hanging Tree is about the Hanging tree song in the Hunger games movie series Mockingjay Part 1. James Newton Howard is the original composer of The Hanging Tree song. The song was written by Suzanne Collins and vocals were done by Actress Jennifer Lawrence.


What Is the Best Hang on Tree Stand?

As we talk about the Hanging Tree and hanging people, let’s talk about sitting on a tree. Yes, sitting on a standing tree but on Hang-on Tree Stand during a hunt. If you are looking for a perfect addition on your hunting kit for a hunt in the woods, then a Hang-on Tree Stand is your perfect choice. Because you are going to spend a considerable amount of time on the Hang-on Tree Stand, you need to pick a perfect one that suits you and is comfortable. Here is a list you should consider.

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How to Hang a Christmas Tree from The Ceiling?

Trees are not for hanging people only, they can be hanged too. So, let’s talk about Hanging a tree (Christmas tree). Today most people are used to seeing Christmas trees stand with the tip pointing upwards and most would be shocked if you told them to hang it from the ceiling upside down. However, hanging a Christmas tree from the ceiling was a common practice in the middle ages. During the middle ages, the Europeans are said to have been hanging the Christmas tree upside down to represent the Trinity. Things have changed now and hanging a Christmas tree upside down would seem odd and disrespectful for many people. However, the practice of hanging a Christmas tree upside down is still found today among some households. It is done as a decorative idea by many. Below is a guide on how to hang a Christmas tree from the ceiling.

Select a hanging location

To avoid any problems with your Christmas tree,you need to select the most perfect location for hanging it before you make a purchase. You will need to measure the distance between your floor and the ceiling, and then do calculations on how low you want your tree to hang. Youwill need to consider movements and stuff on the ground like tables and sofas. If you are doing it for decorative purposes, you must hang it where it perfectly fits your idea. Get the measurements and go to the next step.

Choose your tree

Having determined the size of your tree, now youcan go shopping. When making your purchase, you might consider buying alightweight Christmas tree if you are planning to hang it on your ceiling.Also, choose a tree with lesser branches and one with a base. A tree with abase that has pre drilled holes is much preferable because it will be mucheasier to hang on the ceiling. If you don’t find one with a base, you need tobuy some wire and a hook together with the tree.

Drill your hook or base on the ceiling

If you found a Christmas tree with a base that can be drilled into the ceiling, you will need to trace the pre drilled holes and drill on the ceiling. In case the tree you found did not have a base or has a base that cannot be screwed into the ceiling, drill or stick the hook you bought to your ceiling. Get your wire hooked on the tree and form a hoop that will go into the hook on the ceiling. Fix your Christmas tree on the ceiling and move to the next step.

Decorate your tree

Decorations come after you have fixed the tree on the ceiling safely. Decorations include wrapping lights, garlands, ribbons or any other thing you want to use for decoration. For the lights, you need to run an extension cord from the tree to a hook on the nearest wall or wall corner.The cord needs to be installed carefully in hidden areas to keep the beauty of the house and to avoid accidents in the room. When the cord reaches the most preferred corner, you can then run it down to the nearest power source/socket.

Now that’s a simple way to install a Christmas tree on a ceiling. To get a more detailed explanation and list of things you might need for hanging your tree on the ceiling visit this article.


What Are the Purple Boxes Hanging in Trees?

You are likely to meet some strange purple boxes hanging from trees in states like Maryland and Virginia. You don’t have tofreak out though. Due to high infestation of emerald ash borers, Agriculturedepartments hang purple boxes on ash forests. The purple boxes are glue traps to capture emerald ash borers or beetles that infest the trees. The boxes or traps attract the beetles and once they land on them, they are caught. The beetles feed on ash tree's foliage, and larvae is considered most harmful because it feeds on the inner bark of the tree damaging the vascular tissue under the bark and eventually the tree dies.


So, if you see the purple boxes, please do not dismantle them as they are being used to save the ash trees. The emerald ash borer is not native to the USA, they are of Asian origin. They have become a major concern as they continue to spread wide across ash forests in the US. Youcan find the emerald ash borers or beetles in Maryland, Indiana, Illinois,Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania among other states.


The Hanging Tree Movie


The American Western drama film directed byDelmer Daves. The Hanging Tree movie was released in 1959 in the US. TheHanging Tree movie version is based on 1957 novelette, "The HangingTree" by Dorothy M Johnson. The Hanging Tree 1959 is about a doctorwho saves a local criminal from an angry mob trying to hang him. The mysteriousdoctor realizes that he can control the life of the young man he saved from themob because he knows his secret. He turns the young man into his bondservant.From the story, you can tell that it borrowed from the original story in Genoa,Nevada.


Marty Robbins The Hanging Tree.

Marty Robbins the Hanging Tree is a western ballad from the 1959 movie. Marty Robbins performed the song in the Hanging Tree 1959 film's opening credits. Marty Robbins recorded the song “TheHanging Tree" in November of 1958. Later in 1999, The Hanging Tree song was featured on the CD reissue of Robbins album titled Gun fighter Ballads and Trail Songs.


Strange Fruit Hanging from The Poplar Trees


Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees is from the Strange Fruit song lyrics. Strange Fruit song lyrics were written by Abel Meer pool in the year 1937. The song was performed by Billie Holiday in a remarkable style. The Strange Fruit is considered the mostshocking songs of all time. It was also used in protests in the 20th century since it addressed racial violence and still does like the Hanging Treesong by Elijah Blake. In 1999, The Strange Fruit was named the song ofthe century by Time Magazine.

The writer of the lyrics Abel Meerpool explained the meaning to the famous song in 1971. He said that he wrote the lyrics originally as a poem titled Bitter Fruit in response to lynching that was happening in the Southern part of the United States. He also mentioned tha the wrote it because he hated injustice and those individuals who perpetuate injustice. This is one of the reasons why the song became popular and was performed mostly at union meetings. When Billie Holiday performed the song to acrowd, everyone was astonished not only because of its political nature butalso due to her perfect way of presentation. Holiday performed the song in away that can be described as haunting, it is recorded that “There is simmering rage in the way she clips the syllables and that ‘drop’. But there’s also adeep mournful quality to Holiday’s performance.” Holiday combined anger andsadness in her rendition of the song, something her audience was not used to.It was the perfect way to deliver the message in the lyrics. The song has made an indelible mark on the American society.


On your trip to Nevada, you can enjoy all Genoa, NV's beauty and historic charms. And for a better experience you should visit The Hanging Tree Genoa during the Genoa Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Faire held in the last weekend of September. You will not be disappointed if you are an outdoor person, you can enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, flying, shopping, and golfing among other things as you get a chance to learn about the darkest times of Nevada starting with the Hanging Tree. Genoa, NV has lots of history on the early settler in the state of Nevada. Finally, on your trip to see the Hanging Tree Genoa, Nevada, you can visit Joey Gilbert or stop by his office in in his Reno office it’s just 1 hour away from Genoa, Nevada.


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