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The Mob Museum

Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Mob Museum Las Vegas, Nevada also known as The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advance the public understanding of organized crime and the impact it has had on American society. The Mob Museum has 3 floors and a basement (The Underground) full of exhibits. Visitors are treated with facets of organized crime and law enforcement in the different floors. It is only here you can get a better understanding of the organized crime in the U.S. You get a historic journey and discover how organized crime is working today and means through which the law enforcement is fighting them.

The Mob Museum was opened back in 2012 and since then it has received numerous accolades such as:

·       TripAdvisor's- Top 25 U.S Museums

·       Las Vegas Weekly’s - Twenty Greatest Attractions in Las Vegas History

·’s - Top 7 Travel Brag Landmarks

·       USAToday’s - 12 Can’t Miss U.S. Museum Exhibits

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The Mob Museum also received accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums, which is the highest national acknowledgement afforded U.S museums. Mob Museum is also a two-time winner of the Myor's Urban Design Award for Historic Preservation and adaptive Reuse.

What Is The Mob Museum In Las Vegas?

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the public understanding of organized crime history and impact. Initially, The Mob Museum was a Federal Court house and the U.S Post Office located in downtown Las Vegas. The building was transformed to create a historic destination place for the public to come and learn the history of organized crime and those who fought it. The museum and the story it carries is very significant because Las Vegas was considered the Mob strong hold for a long time.

Besides being home to some of the most historic organized crime exhibits, The Mob Museum has house distilled moonshine which is as popular. You can have a taste of it in The Underground where the distillery and a speakeasy are located.

The Mob Museum construction costed $42 million which was funded through the local, state and federal grants. About $12.4 million of the money came from general fund sources while $8.3 million came from matching local, state, and federal grants. The money was awarded following the city's financial commitment that all the funds will only be spent on projects located in the city's redevelopment area.


Mob Museum Vegas/Mob Museum Las Vegas Immersive Organized Crime Story

Mob Museum Vegas or Mob Museum Las Vegas is aworld-class destination in downtown Las Vegas devoted to the thrilling story of organized crime and law enforcement. Mob museum on Las Vegas Nevada is an insider's look at the chilling stories of organized crime. Mob Museum Vegas or mob museum Las Vegas provides a world-class provocative journey through the true stories of Mob history especially in Las Vegas area. You can expect to geta well detailed story of the birth and growth of the Mob in the United States. Mob Museum Las Vegas also provides an insiders’ look at the events as well as ongoing battle between organized crime and law enforcement. There are hundreds of rare artifacts from some of the most famous crime bosses like Capone, Luciano, Siegel, Gambino, Marcello, and many others.


What Can You Expect to See or What Story Is Found in the 4 Floors of The Mob Museum?

The Underground

We start with the most restricted of them. The Underground or the Basement of The Mob Museum provides an immersive prohibition history. Only over 21’s are allowed in The Underground. It features a speakeasy, a distillery, and a private VIP room. This area is surrounded by artifacts from as early as 1920 when liquor was prohibited in the U.S. Visitors are also treated with a taste of the past from the distillery and an experience of the Prohibition era craft cocktails from the speakeasy.

Speakeasy refers to illicit liquor shops or drinking clubs that operated when illicit liquor was prohibited in the United States. Spending time at the speakeasy is like traveling back in time when thousands of speakeasies continued with their business in hiding satisfying the local's thirst for the forbidden liquor. The distillery carries a rich history of the bootleggers, rum runners and the government agencies who were determined to take them down. Right in The Mob Museum Underground is a working copper tube still, producing moonshine to give visitors a taste of the formerly forbidden distilled spirits.

1st Floor

On the first floor you start getting a treat of the crime history. You get a treat of the ways in which the law enforcement infiltrated the Mob. You get to listen to the incriminating conversations that brought down the biggest names. It is also on the first floor that you will get to witness 100 years of made men, a face, name, and a story of the different men and women in crime. Although the Mob sounds like the past, you can be sure that organized crime still flourishes today. Here, on the first floor you get to see the modern-day organized crime networks that span nations and even connect continents. It is here you will learn of the notorious and famous Joaquin also known as "El Chapo" and those still operating his crime group. You get to know who became boss after him. You get to learn how the police analyze forensic evidence in the ‘Crime Lab’. Here, you will also encounter the fire arm training simulator where you will be informed of the different methods used by the law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute criminals. You also get a treat of the rules of gun use by the police and an exhibition exploring the rise of the cartels in the Americas.

2nd Floor

On the 2nd floor is an exhibit of Kefauver hearings. The hearings entail 1950 to 1951 Senate committee hearings about organized crime trying to expose its corruption of public institutions. The committee was chaired by a U.S senator Estes Kefauver, hence the name. You also get to see the first U.S courthouse and post office in Las Vegas. It is here that the historic Kefauver hearing occurred back in November 15, 1950. On the 2nd floor, you also get to learn why the Mob preferred Las Vegas over other parts of the country. Here, you also get to learn when the state of Nevada started scrutinizing the Mob activity in Las Vegas which was for long considered an open City. You want to learn about the greatest hits and assassinations carried out by the mob bosses as a means to cause fear? This is your destination.

3rd Floor

The 3rd floor is more of a full story of organized crime all in one place. Here, you get to learn about the birth of the mob and the history behind the rise of the Mob in late 19th century. Organized crime is dated back to early 20th century when the mob threatened business owners to pay them some cash threatening they would burn down their businesses or kidnap their children. Also on the 3rd floor is exhibit on how crime got organized.

Did the mob really create Las Vegas? History says different and you can learn all about it on the 3rd floor. The Underground holds the key to the past, but you can get more in-depth information about the prohibition of liquor in 1920s from the 3rd floor. It is also where you can learn about the most horrific shooting in Mob history also referred to as St Valentine’s day massacre. The story about how the feds decided to fight back the growing threat of the crime syndicates is also found here.


Why Is It Referred to As The Museum Of The Mob OrThe Mafia Museum Las Vegas?

The mob or the mafia were among the first people to steer the growth of Casinos in Las Vegas but they were finally forced to leave Las Vegas when law enforcement began cracking down on people known to have ties to organized crime. Museum of the mob is where you get provocative exhibits of some unforgettable days like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Here you get to learn the history of the mob including their origin, their rise, deadliest actions, and their fall. It is all recorded and well preserved in the three floors and the basement.


Where Is The Mob Museum Las Vegas?


You might be asking yourself, where is The Mob Museum located? The Mob Museum, officially known as The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement is located in Downtown Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada. It is located on 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, United States. It is few steps away from another icon in Downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience.


How Much Is The Mob Museum In Las Vegas?

So, you might ask, Is The Mob Museum free? No,The Mob Museum is not free.

The Mob museum is not free. The cost of getting into The Mob Museum is between $16 to $35. You can also become a member of The Mob Museum and it comes with endless benefits, like special invites, discounts on parking and access to the crime lab, fire arm training simulator and distillery tour & tasting.


The Mob Museum Tickets February 13 Available?

The Mob Museum ticket cost for February 13th and the whole of 2021 starts at $29.50 but a ticket for guided tour is about $35per person. And since The Mob Museum is a huge attraction in Downtown Las Vegas it can get lots of visitors, you might have to book your ticket 24 hours earlier.

Nevada residents get to enjoy a local discounted ticket. The general admission ticket is $16.95 and covers a whole day view of all permanent exhibits. The deluxe pass is $28.95 and covers all permanent exhibits plus one special experience. The other ticket is the premier pass,costs $35.95 and covers all permanent exhibits and two special experiences.


What Is Found on The Mob Museum Underground or The Underground at The Mob Museum?

The Underground at The Mob Museum is located at the basement of the building and features artifacts from the 1920s. The Underground mob museum also offers prohibition-era cocktails at the speakeasy and you can have a taste of the past by accessing the on-site distillery.

There is a working copper, producing moonshine. It is also home to the historic speakeasy, and a private VIP room. If you want to witness how liquor was distilled about a century ago, this is the place togo.  


What are The Mob Museum Opening Hours?

The Mob Museum is open daily:

Sun-Sat - 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


The Underground speakeasy and distillery area is open:

Sun-Thur - Noon to 9 p.m.

Fri-Sat -    Noon to 10 p.m.


Is The Mob Museum Parking Free?

The Mob Museum Las Vegas has limited parking, which is available for a nominal fee. So, parking at The Mob Museum is not free. There are transport services on the Fremont Street, which you can depend on moving across the city. You can take a taxi or tour buses that are readily available in Downtown Las Vegas.


The Mob Museum Official Website.

The official website for The Mob Museum is Thwe website gives you a glimpse of all the Mob history has to give, organized crime,and how the law enforcement deal with crime. You can also purchase your tickets for visiting the museum from the website.


Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas are interactive exhibits in historic post office and courthouse, telling stories of the Mob's origin, rise, and law enforcement response or the fall of the mob.This is one historic place you would not want to miss if you are visiting Las Vegas. In Four different floors one being The Underground, you get aninteractive journey through stories of the most notorious organized crime syndicates. You also get to see how the law enforcement managed to infiltrate the mob and get incriminating conversations. It is here you get to learn about the most famous names in organized crime like El Chapo, Al Capone, John Gotti, and Gambino. Inside The Underground, you get a treat of the past when liquor was prohibited in the United States, but somehow the mob managed to distill it in hiding. On his long stay in Las Vegas area, Joey Gilbert ensured to visit The Mob Museum, Las Vegas Nevada. Interacting with all the exhibits here,creates a very clear picture of organized crime in Las Vegas and other parts of the world and how the law enforcement is fighting crime. It is a worth visit.



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