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Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas is a famous water park located in Spring Valley, Nevada. Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas is your to go to place when the heat feels toasty during summer. Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas was opened on May of 2013. Wet ‘n’ Wild has over 25 water slides. Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas is a partnership between Village Roadshow Theme Parks, the majority owner and Las Vegas investors through SPB Partners. Village Roadshow Theme Parks are the overseers of day-to-day operations at Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas.

You can utilize Wet ‘n’ Wild space for various purposes besides going down the slides. You can hold your Birthday party orthat of your kids here. You can do a fundraising in the park. You can also dofun stuff with your team or friends. The water park is all inclusive. Anyone, old or young, you can have the time of their life here.

Many may get confused with the word but Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas is completely different from the Wet ‘n Wild opened in 1985. The old Wet ‘n Wild was an amusement park located on the Las Vegas Strip. It was a major attraction in the 80s and 90s, but was closed down in 2004. For those who had a taste of the old water park can relieve the memories here at Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas.


Where is Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas Located?


Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas is located in Spring Valley,Nevada. Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas is located just 20 minutes away from the famous Vegas Strip and has a number of attractions including swimming pools, slides, water falls, and much more. Just 26 minutes from downtown Las Vegas, Wet ‘n’ Wild is your ultimate fun destination. Thrill seekers are in for a treat here, and so are families with the variety slides. The slides thrill level ranges from mild to extreme depending on steepness.

How Big is Wetnwild Las Vegas Las Vegas NV?


WetnWild Las Vegas is over 20 acres in size and has over 25 slides. Thrill seekers can enjoy the Tornado, Desert Racers, Constrictor, Royal Flush Extreme, Canyon Cliffs, and Rattler slides. The maximum thrill level slides are the fun favorites. The Zipp Zapp Zoom is a mild thrill level slide while Hoover half pipe is moderate thrill level.  


Hotels Near Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

According to Google ratings, the following are the hotels near the Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas Nevada.

·       HamptonInn & Suites Las Vegas-Red Rock/Summerlin – 5.8km away, rated 4.3 after 428 reviews.

·       Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa – 11.2 km away, rated 4.5 after 22,485 reviews.

·       SAHARA Las Vegas – 15.8 km away, rated 4.2 after 15,740 reviews.

·       LuxorHotel & Casino – 11.9 km away, rated 4.2 after 65,849 reviews.

·       RioAll-Suite Hotel & Casino – 12 km away, rated 4.1 after 28,441 reviews.

·       Caesars Palace – 12.9 km away, rated 4.6 after 88,084 reviews.

·       Suncoast Hotel and Casino – 12.3 km away, rated 4.2 after 7,302 reviews.

·       Tuscany Suites & Casinos – 13.9 km away, rated 4.3 after 14,280 reviews.

·       Silverton Casino Hotel – 10.7 km away, rated 4.4 after 12,077 reviews.

·       Alexis Park All Suite Resort – 14 km away, rated 3.7 after 2,544 reviews.

·       Excalibur Hotel & Casino – 12 km away, rated 4.1 after 51,308 reviews.

·       The Mirage – 13.2 km away, rated 4.4 after 35,678 reviews.


Wetnwild August Specials for Gold members Las Vegas

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas has three different types of tickets including gold, silver, and VIP. Among them, silver ticket is the least and VIP ticket has the most benefits. Gold tickets will get you the following offers:

·       (1)Bring a friend ticket per month

·       10% off F&B at Oasis Cafe

·       10% off retail at Baja Surf Store

·       Free Parking

·       Priority Entry (30) minutes earlier than general public

·       10% off Cabana rentals

·       50% OFF Xpress Bands


Wetnwild Las Vegas Address

Wetnwild Las Vegas Las Vegas NV 89148 is Wet ‘n’Wild address. However, the full address for Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas NV is 7055 South Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas, NV 89148. If you would love to have some good time with your family during summer, this is definitely the place to be. Both young kids and adults can enjoy the various attractions in Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas.


Wet and Wild Vegas Parking

Wet and Wild Vegas has a convenient parking space located just near the water park. Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas main parking lot is located immediately in front of the Park's main gate, and the secondary parking lot is located within Faiss Middle School. Parking fee for silver pass holders and general public is $8 per day. Wet and wild Las Vegas has free parking but it’s for gold and VIP pass holders.


Wet and Wild Water Park Las Vegas, Nevada Security?

Wet and Wild Las Vegas has good security when it comes to luggage storage. You can store your luggage here as you take on the slides. Wet wild Las Vegas use electronic lockers where you store clothes and other stuff safely. However, the electronic lockers are available for rent and are givenout on a first-come, first served basis.

Wetn Wild Las Vegas has an automated rental station where visitors can choose to rent a 10*13-inch locker which goes for $9, a 10*17-inch locker which goes for $10, or a 13*23-inch locker which goes for $12. Gold Season Pass holders receive $1 off all lockers and VIP Season Pass holders receive a $2 discount.


Is Wet ‘n’ Wild Vegas Open?

The water park is currently closed. Wet ‘n’ Wild Vegas was closed for sometime early 2020, but reopened in June 2020 with strict Coronavirus measures. The park was open for summer 2020 and closed down on September 27th, 2020 for the holiday season. Wet ‘n’ Wild Vegas will reopen back again summer 2021.


How Much Does Wet ‘n’ Wild Vegas Cost in Las Vegas?

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas prices are $34.99 for adults, $29.99 for children under 42 inches, and $9.99 for seniors ages 60 and above. Silver groupon pass holders price is $54 .99, Gold group on pass holders price is $74 .99, and groupon pass holders price is $104.99.

Gold and VIP members enjoy special offers/privilege like priority entry from 10am to 10:30 am. Silver members enter the park after 10:30am.


Can You Bring Food into Wet N Wild Las Vegas?

No, you cannot bring food or beverages into wet n wild Las Vegas. Wet n Wild only allows factory sealed water bottles from outside. Since they have a variety of food options available for visitors, they do not allow food from outside. Wet n wild Las Vegas also offers special diets within the park, so that no one is left out. Wet n Wild says that commercially prepared food, large quantities of food, alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the park.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Drugstore Cosmetic Brand

There is a famous Wet N Wild Drugstore cosmetic brand known for their amazing variety of makeup. The beauty brand is based in Los Angeles, California. The Wet N Wild brand is a trusted beauty destination for all beauty lovers.


So, Is Wet N Wild Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Yes, Wet N Wild is 100% cruelty free. Wet N Wildsay’s that they have never and will never test on animals. Most of Wet N Wildproducts are vegan. Even if you’ll see them use bunny images alongside theirmakeup brushes, Wet N Wild says that none of their furry, feathery, or scalyfriends were harmed in the making of their products. It is in their bestinterest that all animals are protected from all harm.


Wetn Wild Las Vegas Official Website.

The official website for Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas is Here you can get all the latest news about the park or check out the different attractions available. It's also where you need to go to book your tickets and check whether the facility is open or closed.



Wet n Wild Las Vegas is a go to destination this summer. This playful water-themed amusement park with over 25 slides is a perfect destination when you are escaping the Las Vegas heat. Wet n Wild Las Vegas is not for kids only, I kid you not, even adults can have lots of fun going down the slides. While visiting Las Vegas area and Spring Valley specifically, Joey Gilbert say's he would consider visiting Wet n Wild Las Vegas.


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