Join the Fight to Take Back Washoe County Public Schools! 

"There's a time for everything.
There's a time to fight... and that time is NOW!

(Pastor John Muhlenberg, from a 1776 sermon to rouse the Patriots)

There's a time for everything.  

There's a time to fight...

...and that time is NOW!

Join Joey Gilbert and our Community
WCSD has been providing its
students the worst-rated public school education in the nation for long enough!
90% of WCSD's graduates don't qualify for college-level classes.
Basic literacy skills are almost ignored, while students are taught racist, politicized, inaccurate, and anti-American curriculum.
Students' assaultive behavior toward teachers, and on-campus drug/alcohol use are seriously out of control
The School Board has wasted and mismanaged an annual budget of almost $1 Billion for over 10 years.
WCSD's sex education teaches children how to bypass the "interference" of parents.  The curriculum sexualizes children as young as 9  with details regarding sexual intercourse. The  sex ed.curriculum virtually ignores: moral/spiritual values, the importance of marriage, the problems related to sexual promiscuity, and the physiological/psychological facts related to homosexual behavior. 
What has WCSD done to SOLVE this problem?
DENIES the facts and LIES about the seriousness of the situation
DENIES unannounced school visits by Board members or parents
DENIES the public their Constitutional right to attend and speak-out at Board meetings
In your corner!

Working with local attorney Joey Gilbert, a growing number of parents and community members are planning legal action to take back our schools.

With your help,
ALL of that can stop NOW!

Are you a current/former WCSD employee, parent, or student with firsthand WCSD experiences  regarding student learning, abusive behavior, or denial of rights? 

Are you willing to stand up publicly, tell the truth, and give our children and community a fighting chance at a better future?

A $25+ donation will help "The People's Champ" foundation to defray clerical and research costs in pursuing legal action. Mr. Gilbert is donating his services.

If you prefer to make a donation via check, please make it payable to 'The Peoples Champ PAC' and mail to 405 Marsh Ave. Reno, NV 89509