Black Lives Matter | Covid19 | Open NV 100%
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June 2, 2021

Black Lives Matter | Covid19 | Open NV 100%

Let me start by saying I am a business owner, a father, brother and a son. I am by my choice, a citizen of a vibrant and diverse community I'm proud to call my home.

I have taken time to respond to many individual concerns, and questions in regards to my presence at the peaceful protest this past Sunday. I took a pause in respect of the current election and decided to respond today.

I would like to thank the organizers of Sunday's event, my fellow citizens, so many friends and those at the City and RPD

Reno set a beautiful example of how it should be and how it was and my presence this past weekend was in full support of the protest and protecting the protesters and City from any unnecessary harm.

My intention was to support and respect the Black Lives Matter protest and see things from a different perspective, which I did and it has brought me in touch with new and old friends and contacts I otherwise would have never met or reconnected with.

Never was it my intention to instill fear, or concern amongst my fellow citizens.

I believe that i was falsely represented in the news, which spurred claims that are in NO WAY part of my character.

I do take accusations of racism, and the inequality of gender, race or religion very seriously.

I am proud of our City and just want to see us united as a community, which will take efforts from all of us. I know I have committed to do my part, have you?!