COVID 19 Continued Closures of School, Businesses & LIFE
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June 2, 2021

COVID 19 Continued Closures of School, Businesses & LIFE: Stop the NONSENSE!

Election Infection.. Coronavirus still being used to control us here in Nevada and destroy our economy and way of life.

Something BIG must have been offered to Governor Steve Sisolak to continue down this path of pain, panic and destruction.

Stand up Nevada and do not let this PART TIMER, —this incompetent and corrupt hack destroy our STATE & the lives of our Children & Seniors.

FIGHT BACK, DO NOT CLOSE DOWN OR ADHERE TO ANY RIDICULOUS BUSINESS RESTRICTIONS AND DEMAND IN PERSON SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILDREN — because their mental and emotional well-being depends on their social and learning environment, which is their school with their friends, teachers, coaches and activities!!