COVID-19 Update on HydroxyChloroquine
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June 2, 2021

COVID-19 Update on HydroxyChloroquine --THE BATTLE CONTINUES


I will not stop this fight until any Nevadan who tests positive for the CoronaVirus has IMMEDIATE access to Hydroxy Chloroquine IF THEY NEED IT, or WANT it, or are experiencing PROGRESSED symptoms . We have enough of this medication in the State now and can obtain more from other states AS SOON AS the Governor amends his ridiculous and unconscionable emergency regulation.

If this is not reversed, nursing homes and adult care facilities, veterans homes and any assisted care facilities are going to BE DEVASTATED and I know the infection rates are not being honestly reported.

Governor Sisolak, LISTEN TO ME β€”It is going to be really bad if you dont allow Hydroxy Chloroquine to be prescribed and dispensed to these assisted living facilities and to any AT RISK patient positive with the CoronaVirus, like this is madness bro, it is sick and it is wrong.

Hey Governor, don't you understand that the medication also stops those with infection whether they are symptomatic or not, meaning that no matter what, Hydroxy Chloroquine will reduce the time someone is infected and THUS INFECTING OTHERS WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT: COUGH COUGH, OUR frigging casinos and businesses being able to open back up safely and with the deployment of rapid and more available testing, mixed with Hydroxy Chloroquine and all the other safety protocols in place, BUT WE GET OPEN AND BACK TO WORK!!