COVID19 HydroxyChloroquine Update 4/27/2020
Media Interviews
June 2, 2021

COVID19 HydroxyChloroquine Update 4/27/2020

Today we had a little "JG fireside CHAT" with my client & friend Dr. Bruce Fong, President of the Nevada Osteopathic Medical Association (NOMA) & Retired Colonel Dr. Warren S. Gilbert M.D. (former Medical Director for Homeland Security & retired trauma surgeon & easily the toughest & smartest guy I know) & YOUR'S TRULY, Attorney Joey Gilbert (another wise guy) --regarding the RIDICULOUS limitations & BAN in place on what has proven to be one of the, IF NOT THE most —effective treatment for the CoronaVirus,--HydroxyChloroquine.

I brought in these two DOCTORS so all you debby downers can hear it from the physicians & not the "ambulance chaser" that this medication, if used WITHIN THE "THERAPEUTIC USE WINDOW" (LIKE AS SOON AS FUCKING POSSIBLE) can & will stop the CoronaVirus from further deteriorating the body past the point of no return. LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS.

We also discussed the violation of my Client's Constitutional Right's of Due Process & Violations of his Statutory Right to Practice Medicine & properly care for his patients, providing a standard of care that should not matter where the patient is at, meaning in an inpatient or outpatient setting & we will keep fighting until this medication is made available & accessible to all who have tested positive for the CoronaVirus or are experiencing progressed CoronaVirus like symptoms & their Doctor believes this medicine will help them AND IN THE CASE OF HIGH RISK FOLKS, THIS WILL SAVE THEIR LIVES.


When did we ever think we would get to a point where the Government would insert or intrude into the Doctor/Patient relationship & take tools off the table & tell doctors how & when they can treat or care for their patients OR WHAT OFF LABEL FDA approved (70 YEARS) MEDICATION THEY CAN CALL IN FOR THEM. This is truly a slippery slope when government starts telling doctors how they can treat their patients & what medications they can prescribe —it’s fucking madness.

It's complete insanity, it's unconscionable & it's cruel & unusual, especially if "they" know if works.

Did they really stockpile it for the NDOC? Hmmmm?? Wouldn’t that mean they indirectly know or impliedly meant that it works? Like why else would they stockpile it; I mean that just seems weird to me something doesn’t smell right there!

It violates Federal Law & in the end, THIS garbage Emergency Regulation will be thrown out & found invalid because it is flat out UNCONSTITUTIONAL

just like keeping NV shut down & businesses closed is UNCONSTITUTIONAL & will not hold up much longer BECAUSE NO emergency existed & no run on medications took place & there was no supply issue AT THE TIME the Governor enacted his emergency regulation.

Can’t go back retroactively after the 24th on the 25th & 26th & try to obtain pill counts to justify your ridiculous knee-jerk ban on hydroxychloroquine & it’s not going to hold up in Court —just watch.

The modeling was off, admit it, be glad & lets get moving on opening up Nevada & take that ridiculously expensive hospital floor you built in the parking structure at Renown & you bozos spend that on some Hydroxy Chloroquine, Z packs, Doxycycline, Zinc Sulfate and Vitamin C (Look up SOUTH KOREA treatment of CoronaVirus before you say anything stupid --you're welcome) PUSH THAT MEDICINE OUT TO YOUR URGENT CARES & let's get testing in place & OPEN OUR DAMN CASINOS BACK UP & ALL SMALL BUSINESSES before people's lives are totally destroyed?

Let's all band together & get this done... RENO, LAS VEGAS, ELKO, CARSON Business owners STAND UP & let's go!! CONTACT ME & WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF THE DOJ —IT’S GAME ON!

Yes it starts with the medicine to quell the panic & fear of death & destruction.

Making this medicine easily accessible & readily available will stop this thing in its tracks & prevent many “high risk” folks from losing their lives & continuing this insane hoax of a pandemic that hasn’t come close to the numbers originally imagined —it’s time to open up the country, but most importantly the State (NV) —we are not California, Oregon, Washington or Colorado, we are more like Utah & juste look at Utah (8 times LESS THE DEATH RATE & unfettered access to HydroxyChloroquine) and let’s get a real plan in place and get THIS STATE back to work.