COVID19 Insanity Update: Increase in "The Corona"
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June 2, 2021

COVID19 Insanity Update: Increase in "The Corona", Businessess Open 100% & Medication --HydroxyChloroquine ACCESS to SAVE LIVES!


Time to stop the fear & panic driven information campaign being disseminated by those who want to keep this nation shut down and fearful of its own citizens.

Enough with keeping schools and sports shut down. Nothing in the data even remotely calls for this or even can be supported any longer.

If nothing else, the data is saying that the stay at home orders have done very little to slow the spread and may in fact have augmented the infection amongst certain communities and hot spots.

It's time to open the State 100% and end the games and stop the nonsense, especially with the masks and mask wearing, which we all know is total baloney and will not prevent or protect you against the spread or infection (EXPOSURE) to the CoronaVirus, PER THE WARNING ON THE FRIGGING BOXES OF MASKS THEMSELVES, HELLO!!

NO ONE should be forced to wear a mask and no one should enforce wearing a ridiculous mask, which is nothing more than a false sense of security and a bacteria and germ magnet that you constantly touch and then touch your eyes, mouth and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Get a grip.. enough already, lets treat this disease early with the correct medicine, protect our seniors and those in the nursing homes and assisted care facilities and let everyone else GET BACK TO WORK AND LIVING LIFE!