Covid19 Update from Board of Pharmacy Call
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June 2, 2021

Covid19 Update from Board of Pharmacy Call:

Unfortunately, the Board of Pharmacy & Governor Sisolak do not see eye to eye with my client, the Nevada Ostepathic Medical Association (NOMA)--THAT OUR DOCTORS are in the best position possible to make medical decisions between Doctor & Patient --involving life saving treatment, including the CRITICAL "Therapeutic Use Window" for using Hydroxy Chloroquine and THEREFORE --there will be no change to the Emergency Regulation banning/limiting access to the most efficient treatment for CoronaVirus at this time.


I am sorry everyone, but for the time being, if you are sick and experiencing symptoms that are CoronaVirus in nature or you in fact TEST POSITIVE for CoronaVirus --YOU still must go to an Emergency Room and hope the Director of that ER will give you an RX for Hydroxy Chloroquine or you could be sent home without any medication.

We were told this is nothing, but a supply issue and that the medicine Hydroxy Chloroquine is not available and running low; however, my sources inside the larger pharmacies say that we have enough medicine in Nevada to treat who has CoronaVirus NOW and flatten the curve, while we ask for, purchase or otherwise procure more Hydroxy Chloroquine.

My question for the BOP and or the Department of Public & Behavior Health is --WHAT IS THE PLAN TO MAKE SURE NEVADA has the medicine it needs and access to Hydroxy Chloroquine? What is the Governor and his task force doing about this? Has he asked President Trump for access to the National Stockpile for Hydroxy Chloroquine? When will he ask? What about Utah? Has anyone reached out to Governor Herbert in Utah? They embraced Hydroxy Chloroquine and on the same day Governor Sisolak banned Hydroxy Chloroquine, the State of Utah purchased $1,000,000 (ONE MILLION) dollars of raw ingredients TO MAKE HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE

To date, as of today, Utah has been embracing Hyroxy Chloroquine and has had a total of 18 deaths compared to Nevada's 112 and counting MEANING NEVADA'S DEATH RATE IS SIX TIMES HIGHER!! WHY??