COVID19 UPDATE: Hydroxy Chloroquine & Nevadans rights
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June 2, 2021


Hydroxy Chloroquine & Nevadans rights to have access to this medication is a decision that should be made between the Doctor & his/her Patient.

We have enough Hydroxy Chloroquine in the State to treat everyone, yes let's get some more of it, but LETS HIT IT HARD NOW. We are talking about saving 200-300 Nevadans. Let our Experts be experts, if the CoronaVirus blows up, lets get more of the drug, BUT USE WHAT WE HAVE NOW TO CURVE THE PEAK, which we may have already missed.

Forcing sick people with already suppressed immune systems into crowded infectious Emergency Rooms is not necessary & cruel for all involved and will not flatten the curve or slow the spread.

Deciding whether or not a patient has suffered enough & whether the "Therapeutic Use Window" has been missed or not should not be a decision made once a patient's symptoms have progressed to a point where treatment is now futile & now a ventilator and/or death is much more likely.

The modeling has all been wrong, NOT A CHANCE 70% or 50% or even 30% of this State will be infected; HOWEVER, a lot less will get infected and/or die if we stop playing games --hundreds of doses of this medication will expire on store shelves & is being held back when it should be utilized immediately --LIKE AS IN NOW!.