Covid19 Update Medication (HydroxyChloroquine) & Lawsuite
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June 2, 2021

Covid19 Update Medication (HydroxyChloroquine) & Lawsuits in Federal & State Court

The science & the data do not support & NEVER did, these ridiculous stay at home, quarantine & business closures that are arbitrary & capricious & not narrowly tailored. Many businesses are still forced to remain closed INCLUDING our CHURCHES & places of worship (Mosques/Temples). Estheticians, Massage therapists, Lashes, Gyms & service industry folks & businesses that exist based on our Casinos are GETTING CRUSHED for no reason, but Walmart, Home Depot & other big name retailers have been open this whole time. This is bullshit & needs to end NOW! Even more, as the State reopens & more people test positive for Covid19, WHY would we keep A BAN & LIMITATION on the most effective treatment KNOWN TO DATE, "HydroxyChloroquine", what is going on? Please tell me why we are the only State left not allowing HydroxyChloroquine in an outpatient setting?? GET THIS MEDICATION TO OUR NURSING HOMES AND OLDER FOLKS NOW --it is unconscionable to do otherwise WAKE UP NEVADA & LET'S FIGHT