Election Infection Continued Covid19 NONSENSE
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June 2, 2021


Thank you to White Pine County for leading the way and now Eureka is up on deck next.

These brave and common sense county commissioners have declared an economic emergency because of the response governor Sisolak engineered for Nevada that has destroyed small businesses, destroyed our children’s education and is now inflicting more pain and suffering on the Silver State than COVID-19 ever will or did.

White Pine County is telling everybody to take the Governor’s misguided and incompetent directives into account and to be mindful of the directives, but they will not intrude on their God-given rights and that’s exactly what should happen —local government at the local level in charge of their citizens and the Governor and his ridiculous one size fits all plan is thrown in the shitter —where it belongs.

STAND UP Nevada —stop playing the game open your businesses and if OSHA shows up to fine you —take their fine, stay open, they have no enforcement wing, these Sheriffs are not going to enforce OSHA, they’re not going to go out with them to participate in this nonsense, they (THE SHERIFFS I SPOKE TO) refuse to cooperate with OSHA in anyway, so you tell me how OSHA is going to shut your business?!

Put simply, it’s a scare tactic, they’re scaring you into financial ruin with talk of a fine and you’re going to go down anyway so you might as well fight!

Tell me how are they going to collect the fine or shut you down when in 30 days of being open, this SICK GAME IS OVER, because there will be no mass, death, the hospitals won’t be at any more capacity than they always are this time during cold and flu season and after all, Renown Health a/k/a Renown Tony —has the parking structure open finally after nine months.

We need to do this all at once; I don’t know if we need to do a zoom call with 500+ businesses or whatever it takes, but we need to get everybody on the same page and start punching because like I said in two weeks we’ve passed any incubation period or sickness, and we will have passed any severe symptoms and with no crazy death rate or death spike, how is the Governor going to go on TV with his nonsense a single time more without being laughed at for being a completely corrupt hack.

Remember #WGE Governor Steve Sisolak said the same thing about when Trump had the rallies here and there were 30,000 people in Minden and there was no spike in death, or mass death, or super spreader and then #WGE said that Florida opening would produce mass death and their death rate actually dropped and now life is normal it’s like a different country what are we doing?!

Stop getting played Nevada and let’s flip the script on these corrupt politicians!!