FOX NEWS: Doctors Sue Nevada Gov Over HydroxyChloroquine Ban
Media Interviews
June 2, 2021

Below is the Fox News segment with Bruce Fong on The Ingraham Angle. We discussed the ridiculous ban/limitations on HydroxyChloroquine & how it’s all linked to keeping Nevada shut down, it’s citizens in distress, panicked & fearful over something that has been totally overblown & how the science & the facts are slowly painting the Governor into a corner that he will NOT be able to pivot out of because the data is clear & the modeling was off.

Why are we not getting this out to the nursing homes & assisted care facilities, including veterans homes & the homeless population en mass?

I’ll tell you why? Because it’s all about the MONEY & POWER. —sick.

I’m not stopping & I bet I win.

Go look at Dr. Fauci’s talks back in 2005 on SARS & CoronaVirus, they know Chloroquine & HydroxyChloroquine works, so why are we not making it more accessible?!

For all you little freaky Fauci worshipers, your dude said the opposite 15 years ago —WAKE UP AND TOE THE LINE —what happened to the “MY BODY MY RIGHT” activists. Suddenly you’re silent. Something doesn’t smell right. I’m on to you.