Hydroxy Chloroquine Update & Open Nevada
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June 2, 2021

Hydroxy Chloroquine Update & Open Nevada

We are fighting on multiple fronts & have filed a lawsuit & injunction coming to IMMEDIATELY provide access to HydroxyChloroquine in an "outpatient" capacity, meaning your doctor can call the medication in for you if you have a positive test for Covid19 & you do not, & should not have to be hospitalized to receive it.

We must protect the older generation & those folks that are in our nursing homes, assisted care facilities & veterans homes, including the homeless population ALL must receive this prophylactically, meaning in advance or we will see deaths that are completely unnecessary. Governor please give our older generation a fighting chance & remove the ridiculous ban on HydroxyChloroquine. At least let them have access to it if they have a positive COVID-19 test


Time to open Nevada & protect our HIGH RISK & senior population (NURSING HOMES), while putting 90%-95% of the State back to work immediately, especially the salons, barbers, massage therapists, & all mom & pop & ALL small businesses. Why is Walmart, Home Depot & every grocery store & others allowed to be open, but the small businessman or woman must stay closed when they know how to & already have adapted & should be allowed to conduct business or work. This is Unconstitutional & will not go unchecked.