SAVE LIVES PLEASE (HydroxyChloroquine)
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June 2, 2021

SAVE LIVES —PLEASE let the public know & anyone who has tested POSITIVE for the CoronaVirus, that the most successful treatment thus far, HydroxyChloroquine (an anti malaria treatment) CAN NOW BE CALLED INTO ANY PHARMACY BY A Doctor or by a Prescriber —for a 14 day supply. If you have a positive test & the ICD-10 Code: Z20.828, which your doctor/prescriber will have/know, then YOU want to get on this medication along with Azithromycin (Z-Pack) & Zinc Sulfate. **I am not a doctor & I am not practicing medicine, I am only merely repeating some of the dosing protocols that have been extremely successful & can be located via a simple Google search —“HydroxyChloroquine treatment for CoronaVirus New York”

New York Physician Uses Same Treatment With 100% Efficacy —Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family physician in New York, treated 699 COVID-19 patients with zero deaths, zero intubations and four hospitalizations. Dr. Zelenko claims that the entire treatment costs $20 over a period of five days.

This medicine should be made available to all Law Enforcement, Fire, First Responders & ALL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS —if they have severe symptoms and/or a positive test —AGAIN, if they want it. Liability you say?!?! HAVE THEM SIGN A FREAKING WAIVER & GIVE THEM SOME PEACE OF MIND! Some countries like Turkey with the lowest infection rates are having people start dosing with this hydroxy chloroquine ahead of time before serious symptoms set in, so what’s the big mystery here —why are we waiting? Please stop playing the scare game with people over a drug that’s been so widely studied by the FDA and has very little side effects? Everyone needs to calm down with their bullshit scare tactics and board-certified mumbo-jumbo psychobabble. I’m not making shit up, I’m merely reporting facts, like actual evidence and information that supported by science.

Furthermore, no matter who you are or where you come from or what your “status” is (immigration wise) it should not matter & you should be provided this medicine and these medicines by the County/City immediately if you have a positive test for CoronaVirus.

There’s a way to do this codified in statute, but we need to get moving —let’s get there.

Both the City Of Reno & Washoe County have the power under this emergency, to do this —they just need to act. 

How the hell else are people with no insurance or no doctor or no contacts in this town or a language barrier going to acquire these LIFE SAVING medications AND NOT INFECT OTHERS or put the community at risk because they are sent home to tough it out??!! LIKE REALLY. That’s just NOT FAIR!

We will overwhelm our hospitals if we don’t figure this part out quickly because people will wait until the very end & until they are too sick to help before they show up to the hospital massively contagious and likely beyond saving if they end up on a ventilator.

Ventilators are not the answer, the directives given by our government and health care professionals & the medications mentioned above ARE!

How about testing & medication handed out in the livestock events center parking lot, tested by the health care angels in the bug suits & pick up your medication & take your additional 2 weeks of quarantine —if you’re positive . If you’re negative with symptoms stay in quarantine & come retest in 3-5 days.

Practice all other protective measures & stay home & away from others & protect our older & vulnerable community by respecting the requests & directives of our government leaders.