The BAN on the AVAILABILITY of HydroxyChloroquine to combat the deadly CoronaVirus
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June 2, 2021

The BAN (limitations & massive confusion) on the AVAILABILITY of HydroxyChloroquine to combat the deadly CoronaVirus needs to be lifted and clarified immediately and doctors and patients need to be able to make these decisions together, and doctors must be allowed to —PRACTICE MEDICINE!

There is a surge coming and time is of the essence, this is truly an emergency, it is a pandemic and we must go to war with what we have and this medication has proven the most effective at limiting the damage and time the CoronaVirus and it’s symptoms progress and in many cases has prevented the need of being hospitalized, intubated, requiring the use of a ventilator, or in worst case scenario‘s, —death!

This is an update on the pharmacy board and governor changing their stance in issuing a new declaration allowing for doctors to openly prescribe this medication for any individual who tests positive for the CoronaVirus —if they want to try this medication.

No one is requiring anybody to take this medication, but it should be available and it should be a decision between the doctor and the patient, especially after the FDA issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for this very well known 70 year old widely studied medication. 

It is important to healthcare workers, law-enforcement, fire and anyone on the front lines to know they can have access to this medication if they themselves or their family members contract the CoronaVirus.

We will exhaust the administrative process quickly and do whatever is necessary to provide this life-saving medication to those who want to try it and have contracted the CoronaVirus.